Eta Caliber F05 412

ETA Caliber F05.412

Eta Caliber F05 412

The ETA caliber F05.412 is a Swiss made quartz watch movement with a date. It is an ETA V8 movement with 3 jewels. This caliber was released around 2018 and appears to replace the F05.411.

It is capable of offering a battery life in the range of 68 months or 94 months, depending on the mAh of the battery (40 vs 55 respectively). The battery cell number is 371.

It is a common size quartz movement at 10.5”’, with a diameter of 23.3mm and a height measuring 2.5mm thick.

You may find the F05412 in watches with 3 hands or 2 hands, as it is available from the factory in either configuration. The hands are sized 1.2mm / .7mm / .2mm.

This caliber is listed as HeavyDrive / PreciDrive. Sometimes that means it is available as either/or, but it can also means that it is both.

  • HeavyDrive – Integrated circuit with shock detection and protection
  • PreciDrive – Thermocompensated and COSC

Note: This caliber listing is still being updated, but feel free to start discussions on it in the comments below…

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3 months ago

Hi there!
Is 412 more accurate than 411? what’s the difference, why is 412 considered to be better ?
Is it any difference in Certina quartz that have 411 precidrive and the one with chronometer 412?…the price is more or less the same

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