Orient Caliber F6722

Orient Caliber F6722

Orient Caliber F6722

Caliber NumberF6722
Movement TypeAutomatic
Diameter(Add to comments below…)
Height(Add to comments below…)
Vibrations Per Hour
21,600 bph
Anti-Shock SystemSeiko Diashock
Power Reserve
40+ hours
Hand Windable?
Lift Angle(Add to comments below…)
FunctionsCentral hours, central minutes, central sweep seconds, date at 3:00
Country of ManufactureJapan
Known ModelsSymphony III (Ref: AC05007D); Classic RA-AC0E (Ref: RA-AC0E04L10A, RA-AC0E01B10A, RA-AC0E05N10A, RA-AC0E06E10A, RA-AC0E02S10A?) Please add your watch and more known models to the comments below…

The Orient caliber F6722 is a self-winding automatic movement with 22 jewels. Orient makes their movements in-house in Japan. Orient consistently refers to this caliber as an “upgraded” movement. This is because of the inclusion of hacking and hand-winding functionality. You may have seen other sites list this movement incorrectly as caliber F67-22 or F.6722, but Orient officially writes the caliber number as F6722.

Orient calibers F6722 VS F6724:

The images for this caliber post were submitted by CC member Ilya B who said the following about this movement found in an Orient model RA-AC0E05N:

This is the same movement as the F6724 except the colour of the date wheel.

  • F6722 – Black date wheel with white numbering
  • F6724 – White date wheel with black numberingGreat Made in Japan Movement

Note: This has not been confirmed because the Orient website is inconsistent with the information above. For example, the white dial Orient “Classic Watch” model RA-AC0E02S10A has a white datewheel with black text, but is listed by Orient as having the caliber F6722. It’s possible they made a simple copy and paste error when creating that product listing (it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen manufacturers incorrectly list their own products) but until their page is corrected, the information above should be considered unconfirmed.


Orient claims accuracy of the caliber F6722 movement to be within -15 second – +25 seconds per day. These ratings are based on the watch being at room temperature with the mainspring fully wound and the dial up position.

Orient suggests that deviations from the accuracy claims should not be regarded within one day but within a one week period of results.

From the Orient manual:

“In order to maintain the watch’s accuracy, we recommend wearing the watch at least 8 hours a day.”

Power Reserve:

The Orient caliber F6722 has a power reserve of 40 or more hours. Winding the crown 30 times will wind the spring fully and achieve full power reserve.

Setting the date:

Avoid setting the date on your F6722 watch within the hours of 8:00pm to 4:00am.

In Orient Watch USA’s own words:

In reference to the Symphony III model: “As mentioned, it’s been upgraded with our caliber F6722, which is automatic, manual-winding, and hacking.” –source

Additional Images:

Orient Caliber F6722 Automatic Movement

Examples of Orient watches with caliber F6722:

Additional Resources:

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9 months ago

I sell watches so when I bought a Orient Mako II I didn’t check it until the month had passed before the return date had elapsed. I didn’t buy it from an authorized dealer so no factory warranty. I blame myself for not checking it soon enough. I blame Orient for their quality control. My question is this. What’s wrong with the watch is the crown. Obviously the spring is broke because it doesn’t pop.… Read more »

Donato valente
Donato valente
8 months ago

F6722 è un rotore a carica bidirezionale??

Akim I
Akim I
8 months ago

I own Orient Nami for several weeks and the F6722 is quite interesting movement. It is not quiet – you can hear the rotor moving even from one meter. But the feel is nice – the rotor is moving very smoothly, almost softly. Date changes quickly. The feel of winding is something between 4R45 and 2824 – a little bit of resistance could be felt, but it is slightly crispy at the same time. The… Read more »

5 months ago
Reply to  Akim I

I own the same and i hear a rattle …may be not the correct term are you saying it the automatic rotar i m hearing ? …..love the watch

7 months ago

Since Orient has become a part of Seiko/Epson they have really put effort into updating their movements. This one is similar to some of the earlier Orient Star’s that had the 40N52 caliber. Both of which are based off Orient F6 movements in the past.

Venus Caliber 178
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