Orient Caliber F6724

Orient Caliber F6724

Orient Caliber F6724

Caliber NumberF6724
Movement TypeAutomatic
Vibrations Per Hour
21,600 bph
Anti-Shock SystemSeiko Diashock
Power Reserve
~40 hours
Hand Windable?
Lift Angle(Add to comments below…)
FunctionsHours, minutes, central sweep seconds, date indicator at 3:00
Country of ManufactureJapan
Known ModelsOrient Bambino 2nd Gen AC00 (some ref: AC08001T, AC08002F, AC08003A, AC08004D) more coming soon / Orient Nami (ref: FAC03003B) / Did we miss any? List your watch in the comments below…

The Orient caliber F6724 is a self-winding automatic movement with 22 jewels. This movement is found primarily in the Bambino line of Orient watches. Announcements of models with this movement were found as far back as 2016. Orient makes their movements in-house in Japan.

You may have seen this movement incorrectly listed as caliber F67-24 or F.6724, but Orient officially writes the caliber number as F6724.

F6724 VS 48743:

According to Orient, the caliber F6724 is an upgrade to the caliber 48743. Orient calls the 48743 a workhorse movement and says that the F6724 succeeds it. The F6724 offers hacking and hand-winding, the 48743 does not have these desirable features.

In a press-release dated 4/25/17, Orient Watch USA mentioned that the F6724 is becoming the standard for their premium watch collection:

“Like many of our recent releases, the Nami is powered by one of our latest mechanical movements, the caliber F6724. The F6724 is a 22-jeweled automatic, manual-winding, and hacking movement, which is slowly becoming the standard for our premium watch collection.” –Orient

Note: The press-release quoted above may have an error by Orient. The Nami appears to contain the caliber F6722, not the F6724 featured on this page.

The newer caliber F6724 is the movement that powers 2nd generation Bambino watches (except for the open heart and small seconds models). The previous caliber 48743 powers the 1st generation Bambino. A quick way to tell the difference between Bambino generations is the text on the dial: 2nd Gen dials read Water Resistant. 1st Gen reads Water Resist.

Tip: It appears that the dial on the Orient Nami diver still says Water Resist even if it has the F6724 inside. Also, some sellers may be selling a first or second gen Bambino but using older or newer stock photos (many sellers actually don’t have a clue about the generation/version differences), so if you’re specifically looking for watches with the F6724, you may want to confirm beforehand.

Power Reserve:

The Orient caliber F6724 has a power reserve of 40 or more hours. Winding the crown 30 times will wind the spring fully and achieve full power reserve. Please report your power reserve experience below.

Setting the date:

Avoid setting the date on your F6724 watch within the hours of 8:00pm to 4:00am.

In Orient Watch USA’s own words:

“…The watch has been upgraded with the F6724 movement, a sibling of the F6922 which debuted with our summer diver watches. The F6724 movement is automatic, hand-winding, and hacking. Additionally, it is a date-only caliber, aligning perfectly with the design, and succeeding the workhorse 48743 movement.” –8/17/16

Pros and Cons:


  • Affordable automatic
  • Hacking mechanism
  • Hand-winding ability


  • Not much official info, documentation, or parts are available for Orient movements

Examples of watches with caliber F6724:

Additional Resources

Thank you to @jimhamilton631 for submitting the photo above of the caliber F6724.

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Ryan Boi
Ryan Boi
9 months ago

Orient seems really proud of this movement so why do they always cover it up!

8 months ago
Reply to  Ryan Boi

I think this is clearly a case of function over form. As seen above, these Orient “workhorse” calibers are not decorated beyond some rotor etching. A solid caseback likely helps keeps their profile down too since Orients are often on the thicker side. But, I like mechanical watches because they are little machines, so I also like to see what makes them tick… decorated or not.

7 months ago
Reply to  Ryan Boi

Not always. The current Orient Symphony lineup (ver. III) have display back cases which show this movement. It is a pretty design and I agree it should be shown off more. Specifically in their Bambino lineup.

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Akim I
Akim I
8 months ago

Yes, on orient-watch.com we see ‘Cal.F6722 Made in Japan’ for Orient Nami

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6 months ago

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