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Seiko caliber VK63 SII

Hattori SII Caliber VK63

Seiko caliber VK63 SII

Manufacturer Hattori aka Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII)
Caliber Number VK63, VK63A
Type Quartz (mecaquartz)
Diameter 13 1/2”’ (30.80mm x 29.10mm)
Casing Diameter
Height 5.10mm
Battery Cell Number 394
Frequency Unknown (please comment below)
Quartz Type Tuning fork type quartz crystal
Stem 351177/tap 10 or 351892/tap 11
Hand Sizes 1.50/.90/.32mm
Jewels 0
Functions Hours, minutes, small seconds, date, central chronograph seconds, 60 minute counter, 24 hour indicator
Country of Manufacture Japan (assembled)
Known Models Mercer Brigadier, Seiko SSB025, Autodromo

The Seiko SII caliber VK63 is part of the hybrid mechanical quartz (mecaquartz) movement line. It is a chronograph movement that uses quartz technology for the main functions of the watch, and a mechanical module for operating the chronograph. Learn more here.

Time Module/Seiko states that the expected accuracy of this movement is less than +/- 20 seconds per month at normal temps. The battery life is about 3 years with normal operation.

Battery replacement:

After installing a fresh battery cell, remember to reset the circuit by touching the AC terminal of the circuit block (look for an arrow labeled AC pointing to a hole) and the switch spring with your tweezers.

Replacement prices of about $35.95 found online.

The Seiko labeled caliber number for the VK63 is 6T63. You might find this caliber VK63 listed as being produced by SII aka Hattori aka TMI (Time Module Inc) aka Seiko Instruments Inc. Learn more about the different names here. Other calibers with the same base movement are VK67 and VK83.

The front of the movement

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norman duddy
norman duddy

i have the pulsar pu2011 model using the VK64-x001 caliber but cannot find the stem if
anyone can help..
ive tried a few uk suppliers and ebay but no luck so wondering if its been modified with a new number

norman duddy
norman duddy

First time on here so hoping to join in with exisitng members.
I am always interested in meeting other watch makers to pass on info tips experience ect..
I deal in sales repairs of a few makes mainly omega tag seiko/+ cartier

Cheers norman United Kingdom


If this is equivalent to 6T3 (like in SSB025) than according to the manual the frequency of crystal oscilator is 32,768Hz,