Seiko Caliber 7009
Seiko Caliber 7009

Seiko Caliber 7009

Manufacturer Seiko
Caliber Number 7009, 7009A
Movement Type Automatic, self-winding mechanical
Diameter 27.4mm
Casing Diameter
Jewel Count
Beat Rate
21,600 vph
Lift Angle
Power Reserve
~43 hours
Rotor Style
Rotor Winding Direction
Bi-directional (Magic Lever)
Anti-Shock Device
Hand Count 3
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central sweeping seconds; day-date calendar at 3:00
Hacking Seconds?
Country of Manufacture Made in Japan
Known Models
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The Seiko caliber 7009 (7009A) is a vintage automatic watch movement with 17 jewels, made in Japan.

This movement is said to have been produced between circa 1977 and 1996 – but don’t forget that information like this is mostly crowdsourced by the enthusiast community and not provided officially from the manufacturer.

How to Set the Calendar:

  1. Pull out the crown one click to date setting mode.
  2. Turn the crown until the yesterday’s date is displayed.
  3. Push the crown back to neutral position and press it repeatedly until the yesterday’s day is displayed.
  4. Pull out the crown two clicks to time setting mode, and advance the hour and minute hands until the correct time and day/day are displayed.
  5. Push the crown back in.


Can the Seiko 7009 be swapped with the NH36A?

No. At least not without a lot of extra work and modifications. The NH series is not a directly drop-in solution for the 7009.

Things to consider:

  • Day/date window size/location
  • Dial feet positions
  • Movement holder size
  • Stem (depending on the case being crown at 3:00 or 4:00)

Can the Seiko 7009 be swapped with the 7S26?

No. Although, this is more feasible, but still will face some challenges. For example, the dial feet on your 7S26 dial should line up with the holes in the 7009 movement, however, there may be some issues with the day and date wheels. The overall diameter is the same between these two calibers, as well as the height. Things that may impede swapability are the case/dial rings and hand heights.

If you managed to achieve any kind of swap from the 7009 to another movement, please explain the details in the comments section.

Video: Seiko 7009A Disassembly

Video: Seiko 7009 Assembly

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