Eta Caliber F06 115

ETA Caliber F06.115

Eta Caliber F06 115

Manufacturer ETA
Caliber Number F06.115
Replaces Calibers
ETA 955.112, F06.111
Type Quartz
Linges 11 1/2”’
Overall Diameter
Casing Diameter
2.50mm thick
Battery Cell Number 371 (SR920SW)
Battery Life
~68 – 94 months depending on the battery’s mAh
32,768 Hz
Hand Sizes 1.20mm / .70mm / .20mm
Functions Hours, minutes, central seconds (also without seconds), date at 3:00
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models
2021 Tissot PRX ref: T137.410.11.041.00 (blue), T137.410.11.051.00 (black), T137.410.11.031.00 (silver); (Add your watch to the comments below…)

The ETA caliber F06.115 is an affordable Swiss quartz movement with 3 jewels. This caliber is part of ETA’s entry level Trendline series of movements. Based on ETA official tech documents, this caliber has been on the market since at least September 30, 2019.

Eta Caliber F06115


This caliber is equipped with ETA HeavyDrive which is essentially a sophisticated anti-shock technology for a quartz watch. In ETA’s own words:

“HeavyDrive technology enables intelligent shock management for the second’s hand and is opening up new possibilities for hand design.” –source


You may see this movement listed as an EOL. In fact, Tissot even lists “Quartz EOL” below the watch pic on their PRX page. EOL stands for end of life. This is a low battery indicator that is built into the circuit board to cause the second hand to jump every 4 seconds when the battery is low on juice.

Battery Life:

The F06.115 has rather long battery life when using a higher mAh cell. When using a 40 mAh cell, the battery life can be up to 68 months. With a 55 mAh battery cell, the battery lasts up to 94 months.

Note that you cannot simply install a high mAh battery unless your watch is designed to handle the increased thickness. The 371 cell has a diameter of 9.5mm no matter what the mAh is, but the 40 mAh cell is only 2.1mm tall compared to the 55 mAh cell at 2.7mm.

How to Change the Battery:

The F06.115 takes battery number 371 (aka SR920SW) low drain 1.55 V.

Replacing the battery on your F06.115 watch is very straightforward. As pictured, place your tool between the battery and the arm that holds it in place (#2 in the image below). Gently pry the arm back and the battery should lift up. Be careful not to bend of break off the arm that holds the battery in place!

Eta G10 71a Battery ChangeTo install the new battery, do the process in reverse, but make sure the battery is placed under the lip first (#3 in the image above). If you install a new battery and the watch doesn’t function properly, it’s possible that the battery is bad. Always try a new battery before giving up.

Crown/Stem Removal:

To remove the crown, look for the stem release hole on the movement near the crown There is a small arrow pointing to it. Putting the crown to date setting position should reveal a button in the hole that you can gently press with your tool to release the stem. Do this carefully and do not press too hard. If you damage the stem release mechanism, there doesn’t seem to be a way to fix it since it’s encased in plastic.

Date Changing:

The F06.115 has a quick set date feature with the crown in the second position. The date flip on a running watch is considered semi-instantaneous. Therefore, don’t be alarmed if there is lag from the time the date engages and flips over at midnight. The total time is takes for the date to flip can be up to an hour.

If the date on your watch doesn’t flip when the hands pass midnight, it doesn’t necessarily mean your watch needs serviced or has an issue, it could simply be how the hands were installed by the manufacturer.

Replacement Price:

At the time of this post, replacement prices for the F06.115 are unavailable. It appears that parts resellers are not stocked with the F06.116 yet. This were found online in the range of $20.95 – $29.80 USD.


  • Decent battery life.
  • Gilt brass main plate and bridges.
  • Relatively low cost to replace.
  • HeavyDrive shock protection.


  • Some complaints about second hand having too much play and not lining up.
  • Comment below if you have experienced any cons with this movement.

Examples of watches with caliber F06.115:

Additional Resources:

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Tissot PRX – Beans & Bezels
2 years ago

[…] to discuss about the movement, as this watch uses a pretty standard ETA quartz movement – the F06.115. It is an entry level quartz movement, as expected, with a battery that needs to be replaced every […]

Tony S
Tony S
2 years ago

Not bad for the price , and then you wonder why they charge so much for the actual watch with a low cost movement, blows my mind

Gregory Johnsons
Gregory Johnsons
2 years ago
Reply to  Tony S

Because there is a lot more to a watch than just the movement, especially if it’s a movement that is already mass produced and not in-house designed.

2 years ago
Reply to  Tony S

If you buy a quartz watch from a luxury brand, you pay a markup simply for the name — luxury marques always cost more to separate themselves from the rest. Sometimes there will be extra features and finishing for the extra money, but not always. You can also find very inexpensive quartz watches from brands that don’t need to charge a premium for their name. All things being close to equal, mainstream Japanese watches (quartz… Read more »

2 years ago

Text states: “The ETA caliber F06.115 is an affordable Swiss quartz movement with 4 jewels.” Yet, the pictures of the actual movement all clearly say “THREE 3 JEWELS.” You should fix this.

1 year ago

Marathon uses this movement.

1 year ago

The most common quartz movement used by Certina and Tissot in their three hand watches.

1 year ago

I have a Gucci Dive 45mm watch, I think it uses this movement?

1 year ago

La lancetta dei secondi non si allinea

Jim Demers
Jim Demers
1 year ago

Tissot Gentleman quartz also uses this movement. Just bought mine (5/5/2022) after doing a fair amount of shopping around. The second hand does fall short of the markers by a fraction when the watch is held vertically (perpendicular to the ground.) This happens only while the second hand is climbing against gravity – regardless of how you rotate the watch – which suggests that it’s due to a bit of play in the mechanism. When… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Jim Demers

I believe your assessment is spot on. I Also have the Quartz version of the Gentleman as well . It’s probably the most accurate Quartz watch I have ever owned. I’ve had my fair share of eco drives, g-shocks, etc. It’s a great value proposition for a high quality Quartz watch. I’d love the power matic 80 version of this watch but paying $500 to $700 isn’t in my budget currently. The Gentleman Quartz is… Read more »

1 year ago

Is the 115 as good or possibly better then the earlier 111?

8 months ago

Tissot carson premium with date on the six with three glaze stones and a heavy drive

7 months ago

got into researching this movement after being impressed with it in my marathon navigator. it has this very cool way of moving with each click…not with your typical quartz ‘boing’ or slight flashback (probably the correct tech term). that most certainly (in my layman’s mind) is the high torque aspect of this movement which gives it a certain solidity and certainty with each click. it also is among the most accurate with seconds hand in… Read more »

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