Watch Tool Demagnetizer


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This economy watch demagnetizer is great starter tool for your watch bench without putting too much money out for the Pro model. Just lay your magnetized screw drivers or tweezers on the flat area, push the button for 5 seconds and slowly pull away. Repeat if necessary.

  • Measures: 9″ x 6″ x 3″
  • Works with 110v or 220v

2 reviews for Watch Tool Demagnetizer

  1. Amazon Review

    “I have a Hamilton Khaki King that gained around 10 minutes per hour, just out of the blue. It was recently serviced so I knew it could not have been dirty. Did some research and found that automatic watches can get magnetized. I didn’t want to go to the watch shop again so I bought this. Plugged it in, zapped my watch a dozen times from different angles at about 5 seconds per zap. Compared it to after an few hours and it was back to normal. So very satisfied with the product having to save me trips from the watch repair shop and I can fix it myself if my watch gets magnetized again.” –Amazon

  2. Chris

    Bought one but seems kind of wear for watches. Great for my screwdrivers and tweezers though. I will invest in the more expensive one later.

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