Unitas Caliber 6325

ETA/Unitas Caliber 6325

Unitas Caliber 6325

Manufacturer Unitas
Caliber Number 6325
Movement Type Mechanical, manual-wind
Size (Lignes)
3.95mm thick
Jewels 17 (sometimes 21)
Vibrations Per Hour
21,600 bph (3Hz)
Lift Angle
49 degrees
Power Reserve
~47 hours
Anti Shock System Incabloc as pictured (varies)
Hand Sizes
1.5mm / .90mm / .21mm
Functions Central hours; central minutes; small running seconds at 6:00
Hacking Seconds?
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Brands
BWC Swiss Courage, Cortebert dress watch, Junghans Wehrmachtswerk (Add your watch in the comments below…)

The Unitas caliber 6325 is a vintage manual-wind mechanical movement with a small seconds subdial at 6:00. It is like the little brother to the popular ETA/Unitas caliber 6498-1.

This caliber is often referred to as a Wehrmachtswerk aka military/army movement. It is typically found with 17 jewels, however, there are 21 jewels examples in the wild.

The Unitas 6325 is Swiss made and was produced by Fabrique D’Ebauches Unitas S.A. in Tramelan, Switzerland.

6325 Front and Back:

Unitas Caliber 6325 Drawing

Unitas 6325 VS 6326:

There is a similar Unitas caliber 6326 with the main difference two bridges with a difference shape.

Unitas 6325 Vs 6326

6325 VS 6498-1:

Upon first glance, the 6325 looks like a smaller version of the widely used ETA/Unitas caliber 6498-1. The 6325 has a 29mm diameter and the 6498 is 36.6mm. Both are handwound mechanical movements and feature a small seconds subdial at 6:00, but the beat rates differ. The 6325 has a beat rate of 21,600 vph vs the 6498-1 at 18,800 vph. If you’re timing these watches out, the lift angles are different as well: 49 degrees for the 6325 and 44 degrees for the 6498-1.

Eta Unitas 6325 Vs 6498

Please note that the image above is used to give an idea of the similarities in overall architecture of the two calibers side-by-side. Keep in mind that the 6498-1 example on the right is from a modern microbrand watch. Finishing and anti-shock devices vary between brands.

Watches with this movement:

The movement pictured on this page was found in a vintage BWG Swiss Courage timepiece produced in the 1960s.

You may see the term “Wehrmachtswerk” being used to describe watches with the Unitas 6325 movement. Watches with these movements go back to WWII, however, just because a watch has a wehrmachtswerk movement doesn’t mean it’s that old.

The Unitas cal. 6325 can be found in a variety of other vintage military watches as well. As for “wehrmachtswerk”, there are no direct English translations provided by Google translate. When breaking up the word as suggested by the translator, “wehr macht” in German means “fight back” or defense (at least according to Google).

Unitas Caliber 6325 Bwc Vintage Movement

Unitas 6325

Additional Images:

Unitas Caliber 6325 Ratchet Unitas Caliber 6325 Balance Wheel

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Domenico Ingravallo
Domenico Ingravallo
2 years ago

I own a Bungoia Precision of the 70`s with a UT 6325 in it. Extremely precise

Miha Erzen
Miha Erzen
2 years ago

A lot of swiss “microbrands” made almost exclusively for the ex-yugoslav market used this movement. Just with their name stamped on. Two examples I am very sure used it, were for example brands Darwil and Omikron (probably also Marvin and others).

1 year ago

Rainer Nienaber used these movements in some of his watches.

hans andersson
hans andersson
7 months ago
Reply to  Wayne

Yes I have the Nienaber Day/Night pair. The night watch uses Unitas 6325 and the day watch uses the 6380 (date + small seconds).

1 year ago

Can someone state how accurate are this movements? I have one old granpa’s Omikron with so scrathed up crystal that I can not even read how many jewels it has 17 or 21. The amplitude should be somewhere 250ish?

1 year ago

Im repairing a huntana sub second hand with this movement. Decent watch.

Jake Elliott
Jake Elliott
1 year ago

The (almost) cadence of the rotor behaviour, so to speak, really intrigues me and the sound of it never gets old, imho

Jake Elliott
Jake Elliott
1 year ago
Reply to  Jake Elliott

Sorry, I meant to answer to the poll today. My sincere apologies.

Iuliu Balog
Iuliu Balog
1 year ago

Own 3 BWC Courage’s with this movement, black, golden ant white. Other BWC black military style with AS1130 movement, and a BWC Buffalo with ETA 2853 movement. Really precise all off them.
Glad to find this corner .

Wayne Small
Wayne Small
1 year ago

Today I bought a pilot with UT 6325, good condition With a nice usa gold coloured band.
Works and keeps good time.

Rodney Roberts
Rodney Roberts
5 months ago

Do anyone know if ETA Unitas caliber 6310 and 6325 Cancel the same items In specifications My Hermès watch 6310 21 Jewels It’s hard to find out information about it The one that keeps coming up is Unitas caliber 6325 The silver back is the original Color I headed we played it everything case and back In 18 karat Yellow gold original Replated Thank you very much looking forward to a respond

4 months ago

I have a Perseo railroad watch with this movement, 6325. Nice watch keeps great time too.

2 months ago

This movement is in a Jean Marcel PRETIOSUM
MODEL 361.60.62.42
ETA Unitas 6325

Super nice limited edition Regulator. Only 100 made. The watch does not hack but that just brings back the old days. Accurate. Got this new from a dealer in Latvia and saved about $300. Totally love the old fashioned mechanical watches. No regrets.

2 months ago

MODEL 361.60.62.42
Non Hacking Mechanical. I love it. Super Accurate and they only made 100 of these.

Seagull Caliber St19

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