ETA caliber 7754 Drawing

ETA Caliber 7754

Eta Valjoux Caliber 7754 Wide

Manufacturer ETA / Valjoux
Caliber Number 7754
Base Caliber
Movement Type Automatic, self-winding mechanical
13 1/4”’
Jewels 25
Power Reserve 48 hours
Vibrations Per Hour 28,800 vph, 4Hz
Lift Angle 49 degrees
Shock System Incabloc
Ball bearing
Chronograph System
Cam style
Hacking? Yes
Features Central hours; central minutes; central chronograph seconds; date at 3:00, quick set GMT hand
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Models Too many to list (add yours to the comments below…)

The ETA caliber 7754 is an automatic chronograph watch movement. It is Swiss made with 25 jewels. This movement is based on the popular ETA caliber 7750, but with the addition of a 24 hours hand (GMT) complication for tracking a second time zone. As of 2/27/20, the official ETA website lists this caliber as unavailable.

ETA 7754 VS. 7750:

The caliber 7754 is based on the ETA/Valjoux 7750. The main difference between the two movements is that the 7754 has an additional GMT hand (second time zone) complication.

Custom Rotors:

You will find that many of the brands using the ETA 7754 will customize the rotor. Some of these brands will give the caliber a different designation after the customizations are made.

Uboat Caliber 7754 325 Silver Rotor

For example, the U-Boat Chinera 48 Carbon GMT is powered by an ETA caliber 7754 movement, but modified it by flipping it around 180 degrees to create a destro watch. The custom rotor is crafted out of 925 silver.

Glycine Caliber Gl754

Another example is this Glycine watch with 7754 and a custom rotor with a propeller airplane design carved into it. They call this the caliber GL-754.

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Sjöö Sandström Caliber SS G4 Watch Movement |
7 years ago

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Glycine Caliber GL 754 Watch Movement |
7 years ago

[…] ETA/Valjoux 7754 […]

Oris Caliber 677 Watch Movement |
7 years ago

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Leonard Lisker
Leonard Lisker
5 years ago

How do I manually hand wind this movement? (I have a Glycine Airman 9.)

4 years ago
Reply to  Leonard Lisker

You have to unscrew the main crown (at 3 o clock) and then wind it clock wise

Harry Balskitch
Harry Balskitch
4 years ago

Revue Thommen made a 1K’ diver using this mvnt.. I’m wearing it right now, (The black bezel version). It is a ETA Chronometer grade (*above TOP grade) mvnt. A very nice watch that is fun to wear. One thing to remember is DO NOT attempt to set the date UNLESS your hr/min hands are in the 6’0-6:30 positions. ALSO – if any of you out there are having a problem with aligning the chrono seconds hand upon reset… wait till the seconds hand is in the -50 secs’ position, stop it, and reset from there. Hope this helps – Cheers+!

Pedro Mendoza
Pedro Mendoza
3 years ago

I had a Chopar Mille Miglia GMT, I wonder what´s the mattter with the date set, because today it shows me that it´s 15 when it´s 16.

Montblanc Caliber 4810-503 Watch Movement | Caliber Corner
1 year ago

[…] ETA / Valjoux 7754 […]

4 months ago

I have a Bremont ALT1-ZT51 which has a customized ETA 7754 that they are calling caliber BE-54AE. It runs well (chronometer certified). I like the GMT with the chronograph function. I did a quick search and they are out there but there don’t seem to be a lot of watches that have both these complications.

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