Agelocer Caliber A4610

Agelocer Caliber A4610

Agelocer Caliber A4610

Brand Agelocer
Caliber Number A4610
Movement Type Automatic, self-winding mechanical
5.6mm thick
Beat Rate
28,800 vph, 4 Hz
Lift Angle
Power Reserve
80 hours
Rotor Winding Direction
Bi-directional (Magic Lever style)
Anti-Shock Device
Hand Count 3
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central sweeping seconds; date (various locations depending on the model), panoramic moonphase indicator (depending on model)
Hacking Seconds?
Rhodium plated, chamfered edges, polished edges, concentric damaskeening (stripes), perlage, bronzed lettering, blue screws, mirror polished screws
Country of Manufacture Made in China
Known Models
Agelocer Lake Baikal, Agelocer Astronomer, Agelocer Universal Time, Agelocer Budapest (Add your watch to the comments below…)

The Agelocer caliber A4610 is an automatic watch movement with 27 jewels. This caliber appears to be based on the Hangzhou caliber 7200A framework with a similar balance bridge structure. It also uses a Magic Lever style pawl lever system for bi-directional winding.

Movement Text: CAL. A4610 / 27 JEWELS / 80H POWER



Although there is no shortage of internet claims of Agelocer making in-house movements, the term “in-house” could not be found on the brand’s official website, nor in their Kickstarter campaigns.

In the brand’s own words:

“AGELOCER invests much on technology research and development. It has independent mechanism R&D capability. The process from design to production is controlled strictly. To create Chinese quality mechanism of the new era, product goes through R&D process for more than 10000 hours. AGELOCER firmly believes that every detail shall be considered for an excellent work. In the design of AGELOCER, all details of watch from the internal to the external are grasped. The mechanism is a delicate work that is comprised of hundreds of manual finished parts. It reflects the pursuit of AGELOCER to the perfect quality. The power reserve of AGELOCER movement of the new generation reaches amazing 80 hours. Based on this technology, we have developed more models of movement in different styles and will develop pioneering movement continuously.” –Source

Rather than directly calling the A4610 an in-house movement, the brand’s choice of verbiage is “self-developed” (source: product pages of watches with this caliber) and “exclusive” (source: movement page linked above).

A similar caliber known as the Shanghai Diamond 6102 (caliber listing coming soon) also features the same specs and finish, but with a different rotor cutout. Their choice of words is “self-made”.

Editor’s note: Caliber Corner is unsure where self-developed and self-made fit on the off-the-shelf/customized off-the-shelf/manufacture/in-house spectrum and may need to add this newfound term to the watch movement lexicon.

Yet, somehow, the message that the A4610 is definitely an in-house movement has been conveyed and perpetuated by watch influencers and reviewers.

Below is an excerpt from an Amazon review for an Agelocer skeleton dial watch (grammatical errors are left as they were posted):

beautiful watch , the fact is ,that all of the watches i bought from agelocer have in house movements …” –Source

Even the renowned GPHG (Grand Prix D’Horlogerie De Geneve) has featured Agelocer with a description stating that the brand has an automatic movement developed in-house (not the same watch/caliber being discussed on this page).

Various Models:

Interestingly, the brand has chosen to use this caliber in several different model series, some with different complications. For example, you can find the cal. A4610 in a 3-hander with a date (Lake Baikal series), as well as in a  2-hander with a panoramic moonphase indicator (Astronomer series).

Country of Origin:

Some of the watches powered by the calibre A4610 feature the word LUZERN across the top of the dial. Luzern or Lucerne is a city in Switzerland.

Agelocer Luzern Swiss China Watches

But based on the brand’s stock images, the movement does not appear to have a country of origin stamp. Nor does the outside of the caseback:

Agelocer Astronomer Moonphase A4610


However, on a previous Kickstarter campaign by the brand (not related to this caliber), the FAQ section asks about the brand’s location. The official answer is:

“AGELOCER is a fashionable mechanical watch in China that cooperates with elite factories around the world. Thank you so much for your interest in AGELOCER!” –Source

When asked about locations of physical stores, the answer was this:

“We have online stores all over the world, and we are developing in the direction of developing global offline entities. Currently, we have offline physical stores in China.” -Source same as above

Despite this, one of the first things you may notice in the brand’s official marketing video (uploaded to their official YouTube channel) below is… a Swiss flag.

Video: Agelocer brand advertisement

Video: Moonphase version

Examples of watches with this movement:

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Note: This caliber listing is still being updated, but feel free to start discussions on it in the comments below…

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6 months ago

Agelocer is unapologetically Chinese branded here in China. I’m sure abroad they’d like to sound more western for more money. Few brands dare to write china made for export watches. Sea-Gull is one of them.

3 months ago
Reply to  Argatar

Looks to be an excellent movement.
80 hours of power reserve.
The Agelocer Budapest uses this movement.
It has one of the nicest dials I have ever seen.
phenomenal watch for the money.

Seagull Caliber St19

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