Eta Caliber 955.102

ETA Caliber 955.102

Eta Caliber 955.102

Manufacturer ETA
Caliber Number 955.102, 955102
Replaces 555.115
Lignes 11.5”’
2.5mm thick (2.62mm including battery cell)
Jewels 7
Frequency 32,768 Hz
Battery Cell Number 371 (or 395)
Stem 401-906 (tap 10)
Circuit Board Part Number
X10094 (7613226090996 / 502477)
Hand Count
Hand Sizes 1.20mm / .70mm / .20mm
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central seconds
End of Battery Life (EOL)?
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made (V8)
Known Models
Movado Sports Edition (Ref: 88 G1 1892) (add yours in the comments below)

The ETA caliber 955.102 is a 3-hander quartz movement; it is a true no-date movement. T

his caliber is part of ETA’s Normflatline family of quartz watch movements. The 955.102 has 7 jewels with a gold tone finish and a blue circuit board. It is a “V8” movement, indicating that it is assembled in Switzerland.

Official technical documentation for this caliber was found as far back as December 19, 2005, with updates as recently as December 10, 2019.

ETA 955.102 VS 955.402:

There is a similar caliber 955.402 which is smaller in diameter than the 955.102:

  • 955.102 = 11.5”’ (25.6mm diameter)
  • 955.402 = 10.5”’ (23.3mm diameter)

Interestingly, these two calibers shared the same tech sheets at one point, and also contain some interchangeable parts.

Changing the Battery:

The ETA 955.102 is programmed with an end of battery life indicator aka E.O.L.

This means that when the battery is low on power, the seconds hand will jump every two seconds, indicating that you should make arrangements to get the battery replaced.

The battery cell number is 371 (or 395), depending on the watch. The diameter of these two cells is the same (9.5mm), but the height is different (2.6mm for the 395 vs 2.1mm for the 371). Some watches (particularly ones using the slimmer battery) may include a battery cell spacer as seen in the picture below.

If you watch has a spacer, keep this in mind: When putting the spacer back, the tabs on the edge of the spacer go downward (around the battery) and the points go upward.

Eta Caliber 955 112 Battery Spacer

It is also very important to note the black insulator tab under the battery tab. Make sure this is in good condition (without battery acid corrosion present) and in place under the battery when installing the new cell.

Examples of watches with this movement:

The image on this page are of a calibre 955.102 found in a Movado Sports Edition watch.

Eta 955 102 Macro

Replacement Prices:

The calibre 955.102 has been discontinued and is no longer offered for sale by ETA, but there are still watch parts suppliers with stock available. Prices were found online in the range of $39.95 to $59.95 USD.

Other brands using the 955.102:

Since ETA is part of the Swatch Group which supplies its own watch brands with ETA movements, you may find this caliber listed with a different number depending on the brand.

ETA 955.102 Tech Sheets (pdf):

Additional Resources:

  • Caliber 955.102 official page on ETA’s website (this link has been removed from ETA’s site
  • More ETA movements
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