Omega Caliber 1680 Quartz Watch Movement

Omega Caliber 1680

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Omega Caliber 1680 Quartz Watch Movement

Manufacturer Omega
Caliber Number 1680
Base Caliber ETA 252.511
Type SuperQuartz
Dimensions 11 1/2”’
Battery Number 399
Jewels 11
Thermocompensated Yes
Functions  Perpetual calendar
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models
Omega Double Eagle

From the Omega instruction manual:

The particularity of the Gregorian calendar is that one day (29thFebruary) is added to the year every four years to compensate for the length of the solar year, which is 365.242192 days, or almost 365 1/4days. Such years are called leap years and their number (for example1996) is divisible by 4.

As the compensation of one day every four years is too much, every100 years (2100, 2200, …) the year is not a leap year, even though it is divisible by four. However, even this is not totally sufficient, since it leaves an error of one day every 400 years. Therefore, if the number of the year is divisible by 400 it is a leap year, as was the case with the year 2000. Because of this, the perpetual calendar of your watch is set to function correctly until 2100.

Omega Double Eagle review from

I finally got an Omega Double Eagle (1513.30.00) late last year and have really taken to it. It is powered by the High Accuracy Quartz Calibre 1680 (ETA 252.511)  with a perpetual calendar programmed until 2100, a time-zone adjustment (doesn’t interfere with the seconds hand) and has a battery that’s good for 5 years. Unfortunately Omega discontinued it sometime in 2009, possibly because it interfered with the sales of the similarly styled automatic co-axial version…

…I’ve found the variation between room/worn (14 hours a day) is about 7 spy (-4/+3 ), consistent with the 10 spy between room/warm of the Longines VHP. Omega rated it at a very conservative +/- 0.055 seconds per day, i.e. +/- 20spy, versus +/-10spy per ETA (it’s the ETA 252.511 movement).

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Dear sir/madam;

Would you please inform how to set the time and date as I got this watch but I cannot set the date and time?
The calendar kept changing and changing, it cannot stop even I pulled out the crown.
Please reply to my eamil address as below. Many thanks.



tem o mecanismo omega 1680?

Ramon Lima
Ramon Lima

Where I can buy this movement, could also be the caliber ETA 252.511.

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