Omega Caliber 620 1 Oxg Vintage

Omega Caliber 620

Omega Caliber 620 1 Oxg Vintage

Manufacturer Omega
Caliber Number 620
Movement Type
Mechanical, manual wind
Diameter 17.5mm
Thickness 2.5mm
Jewels 17
Beats Per Hour
19,800 vph
Lift Angle
48 degrees
Power Reserve
~42 hours
Shock Protection Incabloc
Fine rate adjustment
Functions Central hours, central minutes
Hacking Seconds?
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Models
Omega DeVille D 6672 (Add your watch to the comments below…)

The Omega caliber 620 is a vintage 17 jewels hand-wound mechanical movement, Swiss made and unadjusted. This caliber is a 2-hander with hours and minutes only. It is found in vintage Omega dress watches such as the ultra thin DeVille D6672. The 620 was introduced in 1960 and was produced from the 1960s into the early 70s. Omega refers to this movement as “Superflat” as it is only 2.5mm thin.

Omega 620 VS 625:

There is a similar Omega caliber 625. The main difference between these two movements is that the 620 shown on this page beats at a slower rate of 19,800 VPH compared to the 625 beating at 21,600.

Omega 620 VS 630:

As mentioned above, the 620 is a 2 hand movement displaying only the hours and minutes, however, there is a similar caliber 630 which adds a sweeping second hand. Similarly to above, the 630 beats at 19,800 VPH, but there is a 635 which includes the sweeping second hand and beats at a higher 21,600.

“1” Inside Omega Logo:

You may have noticed that there is a tiny number 1 (one) etched inside the Omega logo above the caliber number. This number indicates hand height. 1 for flatter crystals, 2 for slightly domed crystals, and 3 for domed crystals H1, H2, H3 – similar to ETA. This system assists the watchmaker in ordering the correct parts for the timepiece being serviced.

Omega Caliber 620 1 Inside Logo

For more information, Omega Constellation Collectors wrote an extensive research essay on this topic which can be read here (pdf).

OXG Stamp:

The balance bridge on this movement is stamped with OXG. This is an import mark that was registered to Norman Morris Imports. This stamp was used from circa 1937 until 1970 when the stamp was no longer required. This indicates that this movement was produced outside of USA and was imported.

Omega Caliber 620 Oxg Import Code Stamp

Additional Images:

Omega Caliber 620 Mechanical Vintage

Omega Caliber 620 Manual Wind Omega Caliber 620

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