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Swatch Caliber Sistem51

Swatch Caliber Sistem51

Swatch Caliber Sistem51

Manufacturer Swatch (ETA)
Caliber Number Sistem51, Sistem 51
Base Caliber ETA C10.111, C10111
Vibrations Per Hour 21,600 bph 3Hz
Power Reserve 90 hours
Jewels 19
Hacking Crown No
Hand-Windable? Yes
Winding Direction
Functions Hours, minutes, central seconds, date at 3:00
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models
Swatch Sistem 51

The Swatch caliber Sistem51 automatic movement is made specifically for the Swatch Sistem51 watch. Officially announced at Baselworld on April 25, 2013, this movement gets its name from the 51 total parts it is comprised of.

In Swatch’s Own Words:

“Design is a key part of the Swatch DNA. SISTEM51 extends its reach into the innovative depths of the movement itself, now across more exciting models than ever before. 100 percent Swiss Made, featuring a self-winding movement with only 51 parts and an exceptional 90 hour power reserve, SISTEM51 continues to be a top seller.”

Made by Robots

The Sistem51 is 100% assembled by machines at ETA’s factory in Bancourt, Switzerland. Even the digital printing of the patterns and designs on the rotor (and other parts) is a completely automated process. Swatch claims that Sistem51 assembly is the first and only mechanical movement with a fully-automated watch manufacturing process.

From the Sistem51 Wikipedia entry:

“100% Swiss made on a 65-foot-long automated assembly line in clean-room conditions, without human intervention.”


From the Swatch press-release:

“Sistem51’s movement is made entirely of ARCAP, an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc with exceptional anti-magnetic qualities.”

One Screw

The Swatch caliber Sistem51 movement consists of 51 parts, one of which is a screw. The entire movement has a single screw in which the entire assembly is centrally based on. In previous Swatch press-releases, they mentioned Nicolaus Copernicus and his model of the universe demonstrating that the sun is at the center.


The Sistem51 movement does not have a regulator on what Swatch calls their “high-tech” escapement. Therefore, the rate cannot be increased or decreased manually. The rate is set by lasers at the factory during assembly. In Swatch’s marketing materials, they say:

“The high-tech escapement has no regulator; the rate is set at the factory with a laser, making the manual rate adjustments normally required by a mechanical watch unnecessary.”

The Sistem51 is hermetically sealed (aka permanently sealed) also not designed to be a repairable movement. Of course, this would be completely dependent on what precisely is in need of fixing, and if you can find a watchmaker willing to do such repairs. For these reasons, the caliber Sistem51 is considered to be a disposable movement. Since ETA does not provide this movement to the public (it is currently only available to brands within the Swatch Group) there is no way to order a replacement, unless you can source a parts watch on the secondary market – for example, at the time of this post there was a movement with dial being offered on eBay for around $11.00 USD.


Swatch claims that the accuracy rating of the Sistem51 movement is within -5/+15 seconds per day with a +/-10 seconds variable fluctuation depending on factors such as temperature.

Swatch Caliber Sistem51 Accuracy

Sistem51 Irony Video

Mechanical Revolution of Swatch Video

Examples of Watches With This Movement

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What is the most impressive about the sistem 51 is that Swatch markets it so hard to make the bad stuff sound good. Sealed. Not able to be regulated. Not touched by human hands.

Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson

No doubt! Can you imagine if the Chinese or Japanese based watch brands did this?


From the pic above it looks like it doesn’t have a rotor. How is that possible?


It’s clear.

Cuff Watson Hopper III
Cuff Watson Hopper III

It has a rotor , just one like you’ve never seen before . It’s actually kinda cool ! The rotor is the solid ring going around the whole movement . If you look closely at the back , you will see that the movement has a design on it . Look even closer and you will see a thin outer ring going around the whole movement. That’s your rotor . That’s one of the things thats so cool about the 51’s . The designs on the back cause different optical illusions when the rotor is spun .

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Νick Zervas
Νick Zervas

I own the watch for more than a year. The power reserve is almost 6 days . I left it in my cottage Monday evening and Sunday morning was working perfectly ! Very accurate and very shock proof. So farI rate it 10/10.

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