Sellita Caliber Sw215 1 Refined Finish

Sellita Caliber SW215-1

Sellita caliber SW215-1 manual wind watch movementSellita caliber SW215-1 manual wind watch movement

Caliber NumberSW215-1, SW215
Movement TypeMechanical, manual-wind
Total Diameter
3.35mm thick
Beats Per Hour
28,800 vph, 4Hz
Power Reserve42 hours
Lift Angle
50 degrees
Quick Date?Yes
Shock AbsorberNovodiac/Incabloc depending on grade
FunctionsHours, minutes, seconds, date at 3:00
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland
Known Models
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The Sellita SW215-1 is the main competitor to the ETA caliber 2804-2, but with an additional 2 jewels. You may have seen this movement written as the SW-215 but according to Sellita, the correct way to spell this caliber number is SW215 without a hyphen. Many reputable watch companies are using this movement as an alternative to the ETA mechanism due to it being more economical and readily available.

Current documentation for this caliber is dated 9/20/2018, so this movement is at least this old.

In Sellita’s own words:

“Manual winding version of the SW200-1, the SW215-1 is striking notably for its slimness (only 3.35 mm with date and central sweep seconds), reliability and robustness. Just like the SW200-1, the SW215-1 comes in many versions, including numerous small complications.”


The caliber SW215-1 is available from Sellita in 3 different finishes: Standard, Refined, and Tailor-Made.

Standard Finish – Bulk sand-blasted and nickel plated. Options include engravings, blue screws, rhodium plated, gold plated.

Sellita Caliber Sw215 1 Standard Finish

Refined Finish – Bridges with Geneva stripes, main plate with circular graining, snailed crown-wheel, snailed ratchet, and rhodium plated. Options include engravings, blue screws, snailed barrel, gold plated.

Sellita Caliber Sw215 1 Refined Finish

Tailor-Made – Custom based on customer specs.

4 Grades of SW215-1:

Just like the the popular automatic caliber SW200-1, there are four grades of the SW215-1 manual wind movement:

  • Standard – adjusted in two positions; accuracy of +/-12 sec/day up to +/- 30 sec/day
  • Special (Elabore) – adjusted in three positions; accuracy of +/-7 sec/day up to +/- 20 sec/day
  • Premium (Top) – adjusted in five positions; accuracy of +/-4 sec/day up to +/- 15 sec/day
  • ChronometerCOSC criteria

Acceptable amplitude for all grades is 200 degrees min to 315 degrees max.


Sellita is not joking when they say there are many variations of the SW215-1. At the time of this post, there are currently 13 variations based on this caliber.

  • SW210-1 – No date
  • SW215-1 – Date at 3:00 (this caliber)
  • SW216-1 – Small seconds at 6:00, date at 3:00
  • SW261-1 M – Small seconds at 6:00, date at 3:00 (note Sellita lists this as SW261-1 M in their catalog but it appears to be a typo)
  • SW219-1 – Small seconds at 9:00, date at 3:00
  • SW220-1 M – Day/date at 3:00
  • SW221-1 M – Central date hand
  • SW240-1 M – Day at 12:00, date at 3:00
  • SW280-1 M – Date at 3:00, moonphase at 6:00
  • SW285-1 M a – Small seconds at 9:00, date at 3:00, moonphase at 6:00
  • SW285-1 M b – Day/night indicator at 10:00, date at 3:00, moonphase at 6:00
  • SW288-1 M – Big moonphase at 12:00, date at 6:00
  • SW295-1 M – Small seconds at 9:00, date subdial at 3:00


According to Sellita, the average rate should be within +/- 12 seconds/day. There is another variation of this caliber that Sellita designates as “Special” and is said the keep time within +/- 7 secs/day.

Power Reserve:

According to Sellita it takes a minimum of 23 turns to of the crown to wind this movement. Once fully wound, the average power reserve is about 42 hours.

Additional Resources:

Note: We still need a live shot of this movement in a real watch. Please submit one to complete this post.

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4 years ago

I like how Sellita organizes their PDF info so nicely with everything easy to find. Thanks for posting

7 months ago

Love this movement. I have it in my Cincinnati Watch Co P-40M Mechanical. I keep it wound daily and it keep impeccable time. I’m surprised, as I had a bad experience with an SW200. But, this manual version is sublime. Smooth, quiet, and the sweep is lovely for the price of the watch it’s in.

Josh L
Josh L
5 months ago
Reply to  Matt

Was just looking at that watch too, how do you like it? What strap do you use with it?

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7 months ago

[…] may vary between specific caliber numbers, but here are the specs for the popular SW200-1 and SW215-1 which many Sellita movements are based […]

5 months ago

MontBlanc uses it (SW 295-1)and called it MB24.23 and having 31 jewels ( they say on internet )

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