A. Schild S.A. caliber AS 1726 1727 DrawingA. Schild S.A. caliber AS 1726 1727 Drawing

A. Schild Caliber AS 1726 / 1727

A. Schild S.A. caliber AS 1726 1727 DrawingA. Schild S.A. caliber AS 1726 1727 Drawing

Manufacturer A. Schild S.A.
Caliber Number 1726 / 1727
Movement Type Mechanical, manual-wind
Vibrations Per Hour 21,600 vph
Jewels 17
Power Reserve 38 hours
Diameter 8 3/4”’ / 19.4mm (please confirm in the comments below)
Height 3.55mm
Lift Angle 52 degrees
Hands 1.20, 0.65, 0.18
Hairspring ZF1298
Shock Absorber Incabloc
Hacking? Yes
Balance Screw balance
Functions Hours, minutes, small seconds
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models
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The caliber AS 1726 was produced in Switzerland by Fabrique D’Ebauches A. Schild S.A. aka ASSA. This mechanism was produced as an ébauche, or unfinished movement.

Until about 1850, the watchmaker’s ébauche consisted of two plates with pillars and bars, the barrel, fusée, index, pawl and ratchet-wheel, along with a few assembling screws. These parts were all roughly filed and milled. The steel and brass were manufactured in a special workshop. The ébauche was finished by watchmakers in a finishing shop. The assortiment (literally “assortment” in English) are the parts of a watch other than the ébauche, in particular the regulating organs and include the balance, hairspring or spiral, escape wheel, anchor lever and pallet stones or jewels. The modern ébauche is a jeweled watch movement, without its regulating organs, mainspring, dial, or hands. –Wikipedia

At one point in time, A. Schild S.A. was one of the largest Swiss movement houses. The company merged with ETA in the late 1970’s as a result of the quartz crisis.

Although the caliber 1726 is more common, there is a caliber 1727 which is essentially the same movement but with a bevelled edge, offering a more finished look.

Also see this Longines caliber 18 L based off an AS 1726.

Video of an AS 1726 in action

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1 year ago

I think this caliber 1727 with the beveled edge is the base for my Accurist 21 jewel vintage watch.

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