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Ronda 5040.B caliber movement gold plated

Ronda Caliber 5040.B

Ronda 5040.B caliber movement gold plated

Caliber NumberRonda 5040.B
Size12 1/2”’ x 4.40mm thick
Battery Cell Number395
Claimed Battery Life54 months
Jewels6 or 13 (see below)
FunctionsHours, minutes, small seconds, 1/10 seconds, chronograph central seconds, 30 minutes counter, 10 hour counter, big date
Swiss parts, assembled in unknown (comment below)
Known Models
Brera Orologi (Add yours to the comments below…)

The Ronda caliber 5040.B is a quartz chronograph watch movement.

Two Versions of 5040.B:

According to the Ronda website, there are two versions of this movement: a Swiss parts version with 6 jewels and nickel plated finish (below), and a 13 jewel version with gold plated finish (above).

Resetting the Chronograph:

Power Saving Function:

The 5040.B has a power saving mechanism with pulled out stem (aka hacking which also reduces battery drain). Reduction of consumption with the crown pulled out is approximately 70%. If you leave your crown pulled out because you aren’t wearing the watch as frequently as usual, just be careful of how you store it. Don’t forget that the crown is pulled out or unscrewed or you can catch it on something and potentially break the stem. It’s also worth noting that leaving the chronograph function running constantly will cause the battery to drain faster.

Ronda 5040.B Gallery:

Ronda Startech caliber 5040.B quartz watch movement

Ronda Startech caliber 5040.B quartz watch movement

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Nathan Chisholm
Nathan Chisholm
1 year ago

You state it’s 10 jewels yet further down you say it 6 jewels and there’s a 13 jewel version so which is it?

9 months ago

Nickle plated, made in China w/ Swiss Parts = 6 Jewels. Swiss made is gold plated, 13 jewels. There is no 10 jewel version.

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