Avi 8 Watches Airplane Rotor Miyota 82

Custom Airplane Rotor on a Miyota 8218 in an AVI-8 Watch

Avi 8 Watches Airplane Rotor Miyota 8218

It’s not often that you will find a custom rotor (aka oscillating weight) on a Miyota caliber 82XX. That is because the 8200 family of movements is found in affordable automatic watches, and the price of the customization often times doesn’t make sense for keeping costs down.

For example, there are companies that offer custom rotor engraving for $45, but the replacement cost of an entire Miyota 8218 is about the same price.

Avi 8 Watches Airplane Rotor Miyota 82

The AVI-8 Spitfire 300 is an exception to what we’ve come to expect from watches powered by the Miyota 82 series. Inside this affordable flieger, you will find a Miyota caliber 8218 (based on the 8215)with a fully customized rotor with an airplane cutout. The plane design is based on the name of the aircraft the watch is named after.

Avi 8 Watches Airplane Rotor Miyota Macro

Avi 8 Airplane Rotor Miyota Macro

Fans of Miyota watch movements, may notice that although it is a custom design, AVI-8 still maintained the appearance of the original Miyota rotor (aka oscillating weight) that comes stock on the caliber 8218. The customization is not just a sticker or gimmicky design, as you can see, it is a thick piece of metal that was used, as well as the embossed text standing out in relief at the bottom.


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Miyota Caliber 8218 Watch Movement • Caliber Corner
3 years ago

[…] is a custom airplane rotor found in an AVI-8 Spitfire 300 watch powered by a Miyota 8218 […]

2 years ago

I have a Bell & Ross BRV1-92 (their black dialed, aviation watch….) and a almost-new, Heuer Autavia Model02 2017…. the first reminds me of the function, the second has a spinning movement that makes a lot of noise…. but both are nice, … I’d like to see this AVI-8 in the metal?

Jean de Saint-Exupéry
Jean de Saint-Exupéry
2 years ago

Well said, the Avi-8 is a tad more exciting than the much more expensive TagHeuer though, solely because of this awesome custom made plane-rotor of theirs. Really cool.

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