Ronda Caliber 5021 D Front Back
Ronda Caliber 5021.D

Ronda Caliber 5021.D

Ronda Caliber 5021 D Front Back

Brand Ronda
Caliber Number Ronda 5021.D
Type Quartz, bi-compax chronograph
Lignes 12.5”’
Height 4.4mm thick
Battery Cell Number 395
Battery Life 54 months
32,768 Hz
-10/+20 seconds per month
Jewels 10 (gold plated / 5 jewels (nickel plated)
Hacking? Yes
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central chronograph stopwatch seconds; small running seconds subdial at 3:00; 3o minutes chronograph counter at 9:00; date at 6:00
Switzerland (Swiss made) or Unknown (Swiss parts)
Known Models
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The Ronda caliber 5021.D is a bi-compax style (two horizontal subdials) quartz chronograph watch movement.

In Ronda’s own words (source):

  • Very long battery life
  • Repairable metal watch movement
  • Power saving mechanism with pulled out stem: Reduction of consumption approximately 70%
  • Very easy handling by two pushers

Two Versions of 5021.D:

According to the Ronda website, there are two versions of this movement: a Swiss parts version with 5 jewels and nickel plated finish (silver), and a Swiss made 10 jewels version with gold plated finish.

Resetting the chronograph to 12:00:

If the chrono hand on your Ronda powered watch isn’t lining up, try the instructions in the video below.

Replacement Prices:

At the time of this post, replacement prices for the 5021.D were found online in the range of $35.95 to $64.95 USD. There is a difference in price based on whether you choose the Swiss made or Swiss parts version.

Pros and Cons:


  • Affordable option for the trendy bi-compax chronograph layout.
  • Decent battery life
  • Easy to reset the hands to zero.
  • Drawings and tech sheets are readily available.
  • Parts are easy to identify and fairly easy to source.


  • The battery clamp and screw are prone to flying away and getting lost during a battery change.
  • The battery cell needs an orange insulator tab beneath it.
  • Swiss made/Swiss parts offerings allow some watch brands to be ambiguous or misleading about the origin.

Additional Resources:


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1 year ago

[…] 5021.D – […]

1 year ago

The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Classic Chronograph uses the swiss-made gold-plated version of this movement. Besides some alignment issues with the watch itself, I’ve not found any faults with this movement, which has kept perfect time in the year I’ve owned it and is indeed fully hackable. Date gear is engaged (i.e. don’t adjust) between 8pm and 2am according to the manual.

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