Ronda 5050e

Ronda Caliber 5050.E

Ronda 5050e

Brand Ronda
Caliber Number 5050.E, 5050E
Type Quartz
Lignes 12 1/2”’
4.40 thick
13 (gold plated / 6 (nickel plated)
Battery Cell Number 395
Battery Life ~54 months
Stem 401-1588, tap 10
Hand Size
1.50mm / .90mm / .80mm / .40mm / .25mm / 2 x .20mm
Dial Feet
Located at 6:30 and 12:30
Hacking Yes
Functions Hours, minutes, central chronograph seconds, small seconds at 3:00, 1/10 seconds at 6:00, 30 minutes and 12 hours counter at 9:00, day of the week below 12:00, date at 4:00
Switzerland and Swiss parts assembled in unknown
Known Models
Invicta Subaqua Noma V 15927 (Add yours in the comments below…)

The Ronda caliber 5050.E is a quartz chronograph watch movement. This caliber is part of Ronda’s Startech line of movements. There is almost no information about the 5050E online and it’s as if only Invicta uses it.

At the time of this post, it appears that the caliber 5050.E has been phased out and is no longer produced/supported by Ronda. Their official site does not list the 5050.E in the product list, nor is it listed in the user manuals section.

Two Versions of 5050.E:

There are two versions of this movement: a Swiss parts version with 6 jewels and nickel plated finish, and a 13 jewel version with gold plated finish.

Resetting the chronograph to 12:00

If your chrono hand isn’t lining up, try the instructions in the video below.

Replacement Price:

At the time of this post, replacement prices for the caliber 5050.E were found online in the range of $69.25 to $84.95 USD.

Image Gallery:

The Ronda 5050E pictured here was found in this Invicta Subaqua Noma V watch.
Ronda Caliber 5050e

Ronda Caliber 5050e Invicta Watch

Ronda Caliber 5050e Movement

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3 years ago

I really don’t like the idea of a quartz chronograph with the pushers built into the plastic movement holder. The pushers should be part of the movement. What if the movement holder breaks or something, then you’re stuck getting one from Ronda and can’t use a custom one.

2 years ago

Any alternative movements if this needs replacing. Or, are these repairable? My day won’t move after a drop.

Seagull Caliber St19

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