List of PTS Resources Calibers
List of PTS Resources Calibers

List of PTS Resources Calibers

PTS Resources (partner with Hangzhou Watch Company), is based in Hong Kong with offices in Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Made in China watch movements are painstakingly difficult to research and organize. It’s not unusual for movements from Chinese factories to be unmarked (no brand, no caliber number, no jewel count), with very little technical information available to the public. To make things more confusing, there was a time when PTS Resources also listed calibers from other brands in their official catalogs (for example, S.Epson quartz movements). It is unknown if they simply supplied those movements on behalf of other companies, or if they manufactured them in partnership with the other brands.

The list below is an ongoing collection of known PTS Resources watch movements. More will be added as the community comes across them.

Some of the topics covered in this caliber listing:

1A Series

The 1A series of calibers are 3D skeletonized movements with varying designs. Each movement in this series is an automatic, 3-hander, time-only with an open balance wheel at 6:00.

  • 1A00A
  • 1A09A
  • 1A10A
  • 1A12A
  • 1A13A
  • 1A20A
  • 1A21A
  • 1A23A
  • 1A19B
  • 1A01D
  • 1A09D

1B Series

The 1B series is a square shape watch movement. Skeletonized, automatic, 3-hander, time-only with an open balance at 6:00.

  • 1B00A

1C Series

The 1C series is a tonneau shape automatic movement: 3D skeletonized, 3-hander, time-only with an open balance at 6:00.

  • 1C06A
  • 1C07A
  • 1C10A

Central Tourbillon

Round, automatic, 2-hander, time-only watch movement with a tourbillon in the middle of the dial.

  • 3JZ0E

Other Calibers:

Seagull Caliber St19

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