Miyota Caliber 0s60

Miyota Caliber 0S60

Miyota Caliber 0s60

Manufacturer Miyota (Citizen)
Caliber Number 0S60
Type Quartz
Lignes 13.5”’
Height 4.13mm thick
Battery Cell
SR927W (395/399)
Battery Life ~2 years
Frequency 32,768 kHz
Quartz Type Tuning fork type quartz crystal
+/-20 seconds per month
065-453, tap 10
Hand Sizes
1.2mm / 0.70mm / 0.17mm / 0.26mm
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central chronograph seconds; 1/20 seconds subdial at 6:00; running small seconds at 6:00; 60 minutes chronograph subdial at 12:00; 12 hour totalizer at 9:00; date at 3:00 (also found with a date at 4:00 or 6:00, location may vary based on dial design).
Country of Manufacture Japan
Known Models
 Technomarine TMY07 (Add your watch in the comments below…)

Miyota caliber 0S60 is a quartz chronograph watch movement with a date. It is made in Japan and has 0 jewels.  This caliber is a member of Miyota’s “Professional” family of quartz chronograph movements.

Miyota is owned by Citizen Watch Co. Ltd. The crossover or corresponding Citizen caliber number is 0560.

Miyota Caliber 0s60 Os6o

In Miyota’s own words this movement features:

  • Quick Reset (by Heart Cam Reset System)
  • Click Feeling Push Button Handling

The “heart cam” reset system can be seen in action by looking at the movement while starting and resetting the chronograph. The “click feeling push button” describes the clicking when engaging the cam system. This click feeling is only experienced when starting the chrono, then resetting it, but not when stopping it.

Date Window:

As of 2022, the Miyota catalog offers the caliber 0S60 with 2 calendar variations:

  • Date at 3:00, white background with black text (0S60-10A)
  • Date at 3:00, black background with white text (0S60-10Z)

The white datewheel is ready to order but the black option is special order only, requiring a minimum order quantity of 1,000 pieces with a ~2 month estimated production time.

Despite the above information, do not be alarmed if you find an 0S60 powered watch with a date wheel at 4:00 or 6:00 (also special orders referenced 0S60-10Q and 0S60-10W). Miyota offered these configurations in the past. The 4:00 datewheel was even offered with a choice of tilted date or horizontal date. For a visual example of the rarely seen horizontal date, click the link in the Known Models sections of the specs chart above.

You may still be able to find replacement movements with these different calendar variations from new old stock parts sellers or on eBay.


Miyota claims that the accuracy of the 0S60 is within +/-20 seconds per month in normal operating temperatures.

Battery Life:

According to Miyota, the correct SR927W (395/399) battery cell should last about 2 years in the caliber 0S60. Miyota’s battery life claims are based on using the chronograph function for 60 minutes or less per day. Running the chronograph means the watch is working harder and this reduces the battery life. For that reason, it is advised to only use the chronograph when you need it. If you are not going to wear your watch for a while and want to save the battery, pulling out the stem (aka hacking the movement) will reduce the battery consumption.

Replacing the Battery:

The battery is held in place with tension. Te remove the battery, gently move the tension arm back with your tool to allow the battery to pop out. The install a new battery, make sure the cell slides under the fix tab and hold the tension arm back, push the battery down and slowly release the tension arm back into place with the top tab holding it in place. The “tension arm” as described here is circled in the image below.

Setting the time:

When setting the time on the 0S60, pull the crown out two clicks to time setting mode. The small seconds hand at 6:00 will automatically reset to 0 and stay hacked (stopped) until you push the crown back in. This is a very useful feature for precise time setting. If the small seconds hand stays at 12:00, simply press the bottom pusher to get it back to running seconds mode.

Resetting the chronograph to zero:

If your chronograph hand is not resetting to 12:00 or “zero” position, then you can try the following steps:

  1. Pull the crown to position 2 (time setting position).
  2. Press button A to advance the chronograph hand forward until it is lined up with 12:00. If you long-press A, the hand will move forward faster.
  3. Press button B to advance the 1/20 second subdial.
  4. Push the crown back to position 0

Note: if you push the crown back in to position 0 while the chronograph hand is still advancing forward, then it will stop the chronograph hand and recognize it as zero position. In this case, you will have to start over again.

Miyota Caliber 0s60 Manual

Replacement Prices:

At the time of this caliber listing, replacement prices for the 0S60 were found online in the range of $26.10 to $34.95 USD.

Macro Image Gallery:

Additional Resources:

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The 0S60 does not have a 4:00 date variant. The only variants listed currently are the -10A (black on white, regular production/stock) and -10Z (white on black, made-to-order). Variations with a date window near 4:00 are not exactly 120°, closer to 128° past 12:00 (360° / 31 dates)

Similar 0S movments, such as the 0S10, do have true 4:00 variants and even 135° (4:30) variants, but the 0S60 is not one of them.

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Festina 8978 Crono bike uses this movement

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