Hublot Caliber Hub1280

Hublot Caliber HUB1280 (Unico 2)

Hublot Caliber Hub1280

Caliber NumberHUB1280 (Unico 2)
Base Caliber
6.75mm thick
Power Reserve72 hours
Components354 parts
Vibrations Per Hour28,800
Chronograph System
Column wheel
FeaturesHours, minutes, small seconds at 9:00, 60 minutes chrono counter at 3:00, central flyback chronograph seconds, date at 3:00
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland
Known ModelsBig Bang Unico 42mm: Integral All Black, Black Magic, Sapphire Rainbow, Yellow Sapphire, Full Magic Gold, King Gold, King Gold Ceramic King Gold Diamonds, King Gold Jewellery, King Gold Pave, King Gold Rainbow, King Gold White, King Gold White Diamonds, King Gold White Pave Classic Fusion: Ferrari GT Titanium, Ferrari GT 3D Carbon, Ferrari GT King Gold (add more in the comments below…)

The Hublot caliber HUB1280 is an in-house movement manufactured by Hublot for Hublot watches. It is an automatic flyback column wheel chronograph. One unique offering of this caliber is the view of the column wheel from the dial side of the movement.

Protected by four patents, this caliber was announced in 2018 as an update to the original Uniqo that first launched in 2010.

Original Unico VS This Unico 2:

The Unico 2 (HUB1280) is the second iteration of Hublot’s Unico line of movements. This version is 1.3mm flatter (6.75mm thick), allowing for slimmer case designs and fitment in the unisex 42mm cases rather than the original Unico which was made for 45mm models.

Flyback Function

Hublot chronograph watches equipped with the UNICO HUB1280 movement can switch between timing measurements with a single press, instead of three.

  1. Activate the chronograph by pressing push-piece (A).
  2. To go directly to the next sequence, press push-piece (B), which will restart your chronograph with a new time measurement.

Learn more about the flyback chronograph complication.

In Hublot’s Own Words:

“The Unico 2 caliber was designed to equip smaller chronographs and also open the world of Hublot to new enthusiasts. It retains the unique design of its former version with a double coupling system visible from the dial side as well as a 72-hour power reserve. But thanks to various technical optimizations, including the introduction of a new, flatter automatic winding system, it has been reduced by 1.3 mm in thickness.”

Dial Side:

Notice the column wheel mechanism visible from the dial side of the movement at 6:00.

Hublot Caliber Hub1280 Unico2 Dial Side

Examples of watches with this caliber:

Additional Resources:

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Christophe Lyner
Christophe Lyner
1 month ago

Congratulations on this interesting article. But the front view shows the Unico 1 caliber (HUB1242) instead of the Unico 2 (HUB1280)

Christophe Lyner
Christophe Lyner
1 month ago
Reply to  Caliber Corner

Thank you, I see you have already replaced the photo. The best way to recognize the HUB1280 caliber on dial side is to observe the seconds clutch wheel because it has 60 elastic blades instead of the classic 5-arm wheel with 60 triangular teeth of the HUB1242 caliber. Moreover, during the start-stop of the chronograph, you can observe that the clutch wheel of the HUB1280 tilts to perform its clutch function. It is this particularity,… Read more »

Kelvinston MacGregor
Kelvinston MacGregor
1 day ago

What a work of art! Want.

Venus Caliber 178
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