Eta Unitas Caliber 6498 2

ETA/Unitas Caliber 6498-2

Eta Unitas Caliber 6498 2

Manufacturer ETA
Caliber Number 6498-2
Base Caliber 6498
16.5”’ (36.6mm)
4.5mm thick
Vibrations Per Hour 21,600 bph (3 Hz)
Power Reserve 53 hours
Jewels 17
Lift Angle
44 degrees
Hacking? No
Functions Hours, minutes, small seconds (at 6:00)
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models
Too many to list (add yours in the comments below)

The ETA/Unitas caliber 6498-2 is part of ETA’s Mecaline Specialies line of movements. It is a hand-wound or manual-wound movement and is considered to be one of the most common mechanical calibers on the market. This is essentially a pocket watch movement that has been adopted by the wristwatch.

6498-1 vs 6498-2

The main difference between the 6498-1 and the 6498-2 is that the -1 beats at 18,800vph while the -2 beats at 21,600vph. Click here to learn more.

6497 vs 6498

The caliber 6498-2 is often mixed up with the ETA/Unitas 6497-2. The main difference between these two calibers is that the 6498 has the seconds subdial at 6:00 and the 6497 has the seconds at 9:00. Click here to learn more.

Eta Unitas Caliber 6498 2 Drawing

Extra Information:

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3 years ago

This is my favorite movement. Easy to wind, looks great, keeps great time. I always thought the 2 was a newer version with some updates. Thank you for the information here, now I know it’s a high beat. Now I want to check all of my watches to see if they are 1 or 2.

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3 years ago

[…] 1938 is powered by a [thinner] handwound movement. Its Longines caliber 507.2 is based on the ETA/Unitas 6498/2, a modified pocket watch movement born just after World War […]

2 years ago

This is a lovely movement developed by Auguste Reymond

Tourby Old Military Vintage – SaFonaGastroCrono
2 years ago

[…] (a elección del comprador) que muestra en el interior un movimiento de reloj de bolsillo, el Unitas 6498, con un acabado dorado mate en la platina principal y que está altamente decorado. En definitiva, […]

El Disfrute De Hacerse Un Flieger - SaFonaGastroCrono
1 year ago

[…] este cambio, también me decanté por hacerle un “upgrade” al calibre, eligiendo un UNITAS 6498-2 elaboré para sustituir el clon de este movimiento que equipaba la versión original. Ya […]

1 year ago

I have a question: Caliber ETA 6498/98 corresponds to UNITAS 9498-2?

Venus Caliber 178

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