Rolex Watch Time Setting Crown Direction

Rolex Watch Time Setting Crown Direction

Rolex Watch Time Setting Crown Direction

Some watch collectors think one surefire way to spot a fake Rolex movement is to wind the crown clockwise to set the time of the hands (aka advance the hands forward). This is a replica watch myth. Anyone who says Rolex watches only set the time by turning the crown clockwise hasn’t handled many Rolex watches. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer for time-setting on every Rolex watch. Like many fake watch tests, the information is only as good as the knowledge of the collector.  If you’re one of those people who trolls the internet claiming a watch is fake without knowing which Rolex model should wind in which direction, the chart below will help you avoid looking inexperienced.

Here is a list of Rolex calibers and which direction to wind the crown to set the time (advance the hands forward):

Caliber/Movement Number
Models Crown Direction to Move Hands Forward
651 Cellini Clockwise
727 Daytona Clockwise
750 Cellini Clockwise
1225 Oysterdate Counterclockwise
1240 Cellini Counterclockwise
1400 Cellini Counterclockwise
1520 Submariner Counterclockwise
1530 Submariner Counterclockwise
1560 Submariner/Explorer Counterclockwise
1565 Datejust Counterclockwise
1570 Oyster Perpetual Counterclockwise
1575 Submariner/Datejust/GMT-Master Counterclockwise
1580 Milgauss Counterclockwise
1600 Cellini/Vintage Clockwise
1601 Cellini Clockwise
1602 Cellini Clockwise
1800 Lady Counterclockwise
2030 Oyster Perpetual Counterclockwise
2035 Datejust Counterclockwise
2130 Oyster Perpetual Counterclockwise
2135 Datejust Counterclockwise
2230 Oyster Perpetual Counterclockwise
2231 Oyster Perpetual Counterclockwise
2235 Datejust/Yachtmaster Counterclockwise
3000 Submariner/Explorer 1/Air King Counterclockwise
3035 Submariner/Sea-Dweller/Datejust/Date Counterclockwise
3055 Day-Date Counterclockwise
3075 GMT-Master Counterclockwise
3085 GMT-Master II Clockwise
3130 Submariner/Explorer 1 Clockwise
3131 Milgauss Clockwise
3132 Explorer 1 Clockwise
3135 Submariner/Deepsea/Sea-Dweller/Datejust/Date/Turn-O-Graph Clockwise
3136 Datejust II Clockwise
3155 Day-Date Clockwise
3156 Day-Date II Clockwise
3175 GMT-Master Clockwise
3185 GMT-Master II/Explorer II Clockwise
3186 GMT-Master II/Explorer II Clockwise
3187 Explorer II Clockwise
3235 Sea-Dweller 126600/Datejust 41 Counterclockwise
3255 Day-Date 40 Unknown, please add to comments.
4030 Daytona Counterclockwise
4130 Daytona Clockwise
4160 Yachtmaster II Clockwise
4161 Yachtmaster II Clockwise
5035 Datejust (Oysterquartz) Counterclockwise
5055 Day-Date (Oysterquartz) Counterclockwise
6220 Cellini Clockwise
6621 Cellini Clockwise
7040 Cellini (Prince) Clockwise
9001 Sky-Dweller Counterclockwise

This clockwise/counter-clockwise list might be missing some Rolex calibers and may contains errors. It should be used for informational purposes only. If you catch a mistake in the table, please let us know in the comments below so we can update the information!

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Austin Daniels
Austin Daniels

I don’t understand what this article is saying. You can set the watch by turning the crown clockwise or counterclockwise, the only difference being whether the hands move clockwise or counterclockwise.
Above it says a Sub sets counterclockwise, but turning the crown clockwise turns the hands clockwise:

My 3185 GMT, which is listed above as setting clockwise operates just like the Sub.

So, what is this article saying?


Excellent info, while winding my wife’s 79178 President ( 2235) I noticed the hands moved forward when crow was turned counter clockwise,unlike my President 118238,my TT Sub(3135) or her 67193 (2130).This chart confirms that is indeed correct-thank you !


How do I find the correct Caliber/movement number for my watch?


Submariner Date Model #116610
Serial #M520116. Thank you for the help!


Hi Chad, your watch is powered by the caliber Mingzhu 2813
Hope you didn’t pay the price of a real sub..
Serial M520116 is actually for a 16610 and is used on a lot of cheap sub-c knockoffs


Very helpful post, I’ve been searching all over, but finally found the answer here! All my Rolexes advance by turning clockwise, so I was concerned when I found the opposite when setting my wife’s watch.


Very useful article. I was confused when finding 2 Rolex watches advance in different direction. Now i got the answer. Thank you for the article!

Dave Rankin
Dave Rankin

Hi This is a excellent post thanks! I have a GMT master II Reference 126711CHNR 3285 movement. And it counterclockwise I found the very Weird as my other two Rolexes wound clockwise.
I went into my local AD and they didn’t know why and found it also weird goes to show there is a lot more to a Rolex and meets the eye!


Thank you for a very informative post!
Anyone who knows in which direction an authentic Oysterdate Precision (6694) is supposed to be set?
Thank you in advance.

Marc Murphy
Marc Murphy

I just got a seadweller 126600 with the 3235 movement and I was getting a bit worried as always set my time by turning the clown clockwise, couldn’t even get an answer from a rolex shop why I was having to turn anti clockwise so this article has settled me down a bit so thank you very much.