Oliver Gallaugher Caliber Guy 1 Og Deep Space Watch

O.G Watches Caliber GUY-1

Oliver Gallaugher Caliber Guy 1 Og Deep Space Watch

Brand O.G Watches (Oliver Gallaugher)
DK Precision Mechanics
Caliber Number GUY-1
Base Caliber
ETA/Unitas 6498-1
Movement Type Mechanical, manual-wind
Lignes 16.5”’
Beat Rate
18,000 vph
Lift Angle
44 degrees
Power Reserve
48 hours
Balance Wheel
Screw style
Etachron with swan-neck fine-tuning device
Factory Regulation
Adjusted to 5 positions within +/- 6 sec/day
Anti-Shock Device
Hand Count 2
Functions Central hours; central minutes
Country of Manufacture Switzerland/Germany (Glashütte)
Known Models
O.G Deep Space (Ref: DS1)

The O.G caliber GUY-1 is a handwound mechanical watch movement with 17 jewels and a beat rate of 18,000bph. This 2-handed, time-only caliber is found in the independent brand’s debut model: Deep Space.

O.G is the initialism of Oliver Gallaugher, a UK based independent watch designer and the brand’s founder. Officially introduced in April 2023, the O.G Deep Space is a limited edition series with only 10 pieces in the world.

As the brand’s first movement, the GUY-1 is named after Oliver’s grandfather Guy, who was an inventor and engineer (learn more). It is based on the ETA/Unitas caliber 6498-1, made in Switzerland and refined and assembled in Glashütte, Germany with major visual and functional improvements.

In the brand’s own words:

“I’m inspired by many styles of watchmaking but have always found an emotional connection with more classically designed movements – their robust and timeless construction, lasting hundreds of years; treasuries of knowledge displaying techniques forgotten or often neglected by industrial movements. For the O.G brand, the aesthetic of the movement is just as fundamental as the front facing design of the watch.” – O.G Watches

Og Deep Space Watch Caseback

Custom Features:

The main bridge, balance bridge and independent escapement bridges are original designs, milled in-house by DK Precision Mechanics.

Og Caliber Guy 1 Oliver Gallaugher Watches

In addition to the custom bridges, the cal. GUY-1 also features:

  • Glashutte winding clickspring
  • Swan-neck regulator system
  • Screwed balance wheel
  • Side-screws mounted dial

The “Deep Space” theme of the timepiece can be found under the balance wheel in the form of a custom crescent-shaped anchor bridge.

Og Watches Guy 1 Crescent Anchor Bridge

If you are a follower of O.G brand founder @designingwatches on Instagram, you may have seen the picture he posted of the crescent tips being sharp enough to prick the finger!

Og Watches Guy 1 Crescent Moon Anchor Bridge

And those are not the only sharp parts on the GUY-1. Check out the tips of the custom bridge between the crown wheel and ratchet wheel

Og Oliver Gallaugher Caliber Guy 1 Bridges


The GUY-1 takes what is largely considered a minimalist movement and reworks it into something not typically seen from a 6498-1 base.

“Philippe Dufour is a huge watchmaking inspiration of mine, and I am particularly fond of older, vintage pocket watch movements that showcase a similar variety of decorations, executed with polished chamfers, jewel sinks and steel components. To some, this level of detail is unnecessary, but to me it gives life to the watch, as the movement is the heart and soul that beats inside it.” -O.G Watches

The finishing materials and techniques include:

  • A re-modeled mainplate and bridges galvanized in 3N gold. The mainplate is decorated with perlage patterning, while the custom bridges feature Geneva stripes, polished chamfers and jewel countersinks.
  • Steel components on the GUY-1, including screws, winding click system, swan-neck regulator, anchor wheel, pallet fork and driver cannon are polished to a mirror finish.
  • A custom snailing finish is applied to the crown wheel, rachet wheel, mainspring barrel and anchor bridge. These parts are also finished with polished chamfered edges.
  • The Mainspring barrel and gear train wheels are galvanized in 4N gold, also with a snail brush finish.
  • The gear train is decorated with a diamond-bevelled center wheel

Although a standard Incabloc device is used as the basis for the anti-shock system, even the block bushing has a galvanised rhodium finish with a custom sunray pattern – a component that is not often found with a custom finish.

Pictured below, you can see the gear train finishing on the left and the dial side of the movement on the right:

Movement Text:

Text on the calibre GUY-1 is kept to a minimum and reads: OG (boxed logo with opening in the box where the stylized “.” goes between the initials O and G) / ADJUSTED TO 5 POSITIONS / ONE OF TEN. GLASHUTTE/SA.

Og Watches Oliver Gallaugher Deep Space Logo

There is no jewel count or caliber number (at least not on the prototype).

Replacement Price:

The GUY-1 movement is not available for individual sale. The cost for a Deep Space watch powered by this caliber is £7800 or about $9,700 USD. Each piece is made to order on a first come, first serve basis. New orders are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of 40% upfront with the remaining balance due when the build is complete. You can order here.

Movement Warranty:

Deep Space watches with the O.G caliber GUY-1 carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Eligibility for the warranty is dependent on sending the watch to O.G for routine service every 4 years or less.

Caliber Conclusion:

The GUY-1 renovates the architecture of a classic caliber with components and detailed finishing that modern mass production watchmaking has neglected. The result is a restored glory to one of the most beloved ebauches in the industry.

Note: All of the images in this caliber listing were provided by O.G Watches. These images are of the Deep Space prototype and do not necessarily reflect the finished product.

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1 year ago

This looks amazing. One question, does 4N and 3N gold mean it’s gold plated or solid gold?

Oliver Gallaugher
Oliver Gallaugher
1 year ago
Reply to  Patrick

Hi Patrick, thank you! 4N gold signifies rose gold and 3N gold signifies yellow gold. The parts are made from brass and then electroplated to achieve these tones. The steel components and screws are untreated and are decorated with a mirror polish finish.

1 year ago

Can someone help me understand what is the point of having a swan neck and balance screws? I think I see three ways to regulate the timing but is it excessive having both of those?

Oliver Gallaugher
Oliver Gallaugher
1 year ago
Reply to  Lawatcher

Hello, having both allows fine tuning on different levels. However the choice to use a screwed balance wheel was mainly an aesthetic decision, because I wanted the movement to have a traditional look. Best! Oliver

1 year ago

Thank you for the answer!

1 year ago

Love how you used a Screw Balance and Swan Neck. Never saw that combo before!

D. Fulk
D. Fulk
1 year ago

My favorite movement! Nice to see a watch company making a ETA 6498 or 6497 look so luxurious.

Oliver Gallaugher
Oliver Gallaugher
1 year ago
Reply to  D. Fulk

That’s brilliant, thank you!

1 year ago

All that perlage is trippy! Love it!

Oliver Gallaugher
Oliver Gallaugher
1 year ago
Reply to  Antony

Thank you Antony! All in the details!

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