Raymond Weil Caliber Rw1212

Raymond Weil Caliber RW1212

Raymond Weil Caliber Rw1212

The Raymond Weil caliber RW1212 (or RW 1212) is the brand’s first “in-house” watch movement found in some Freelancer models. This caliber was introduced in April of 2017.

The notable feature of the RW1212 is the open balance wheel on the dial side at 6:00. This also serves as the running indicator, as this movement is a 2-hander with only central hours and minutes. There are also full skeleton models available (such as the Ref: 2785-SBC-60000).

Raymond Weil has stated that the inspiration for the RW1212’s open balance wheel design was the cal. RW1842 tourbillon movement from 2015. The Raymond Weil Nabucco Cello Tourbillon had a similar 2 hands time-only display with a tourbillon cage rotating at 6:00. The main difference was that the RW1842 tourbillon carried a retail price of $39,995 USD, whereas the most expensive model with an RW1212 is about a tenth of that, retailing between $2,325 – $3,325 USD (as of 8/2023).

Also note: the regulator is on the dial side, so the movement will need removed from the case in order to be adjusted.

Caliber Number and Spelling:

The caliber number 1212 is the same as the postal code for Grand-Lancy – a village in the suburb of Lancy in the city of Geneva, Switzerland. The movement also marks the 40th anniversary of the brand (founded in 1976).

A note about caliber spellings: The official Raymond Weil site refers to this caliber as “RW1212”, however, the actual spelling on the rotor of watches powered by this movement is “RW 1212” with a space.

Raymond Weil Freelancer Rw1212

Quick Specs:

  • Movement type: Automatic, self-winding mechanical
  • Beat Rate: 28,800vph, 4 Hz
  • Power Reserve: 38 hours
  • Rotor Style: Ball-bearing
  • Anti-Shock Device: Incabloc
  • Regulator: ETACHRON
  • Functions: Central hours; central minutes
  • Hacking Seconds? Yes
  • Finishing: “Geneva” Stripes on the rotor with RW logo engraved
  • Country of Manufacture: Geneva, Switzerland; Swiss made


Although Raymond Weil calls the RW1212 an “in-house” movement, it was developed and designed in collaboration with Sellita.

“Aligning with the finest Swiss watchmaking traditions, RAYMOND WEIL is innovating by creating a new movement in collaboration with Sellita. This exclusive movement was developed and designed by the R&D department of the Geneva watch company and produced by the movement manufacturer based in Le Crêt-du-Locle, in the Jura Mountains. Its distinctive characteristic is the 6 o’clock front-dial positioning of its regulating organ. Named Calibre RW1212 as a nod to the postal code of the company headquarters in Grand-Lancy, it pays tribute to 40 years of RAYMOND WEIL creations and to the Brand’s determination to highlight the richness of watchmaking expertise, while infusing it with its uniquely free-spirited attitude.” –Source

Arrangements like this further blur the lines between what exactly qualifies for the title of “in-house” in the world of watch movements. Since Raymond Weil does not own Sellita, it sounds like more of an out-house movement aka manufacture movement.

As for the design, RW has this to say:

“It took 18 months for the R&D team at RAYMOND WEIL to develop the movement and design the dial revealing the regulating organ at 6 o’clock. All the elements closely relating to the regulating organ were redesigned and pared down, so as to endow this in-house movement with its subtle transparency. The calibre then sprang to life in the hands of the Sellita watchmakers.” -Source same as above

And also this with regards to the open balance wheel design:

“The development process began with one of the Brand’s tried and trusted movements, the Calibre RW4200. The Research & Development department disassembled the movement, analysing each component in close detail with the goal of revealing the balance wheel as the main feature at 6 o’clock. After expending many hours, the highly skilled team created the Calibre RW1212. This movement appears in several of the brand’s models, displaying its beating heart, positioned beneath an openworked traversing bridge.” –Source

Examples of watches with this movement:

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