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Adjusted To Six 6 Positions


Adjusted To Six 6 Positions

You may have seen Adjusted in Six (6) Positions stamped on your watch movements. This means that the movement was tested and adjusted (or regulated) in 6 positions. The force of gravity plays a role in a watch’s accuracy, causing a gain or loss in energy transmission depending on the position of the balance wheel.

The 6 positions:

  • Dial up
  • Dial down
  • Crown up
  • Crown down
  • Crown right
  • Crown left

Some watches are tested in all 6 positions, but a COSC chronometer is tested in 5. There are also watches that are unadjusted, meaning that the watch was produced without undergoing testing and adjusting from the factory.

Pocket watch positions are similar:

  • Dial up
  • Dial down
  • Pendant up
  • Pendant down
  • Pendant right
  • Pendant left

You may have seen pocket watches that have 8 or 9 adjustments as well. This means they are also including adjustments for Isochronism or temperature (hot/cold).

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