A Schild Caliber As 1012

A. Schild Caliber AS 1012

A Schild Caliber As 1012

Brand A. Schild
Caliber Number AS 1012, AS1012
Movement Type Manual wind, mechanical
Diameter 5.75”’ x 6.75”’ (13mm x 15.15mm)
Height 3.5mm
Jewels 17 (also 21 variation)
Power Reserve ~44 hours
Vibrations Per Hour 18,000 bph
Escapement Anchor w/ pallets
Hands 1.00 / 0.55
Features Hours, minutes
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Production Years 1936-1960
Known Models Please add yours to comments below…

The pictures posted here are of the A. Schild caliber AS 1012 found in a vintage Breiting ladies watch. It is signed Breitling on the mainplate and AS 1012 below the balance wheel.

There are two variations of this caliber: 17 jewels and 21 jewels.The movement can feature Glucycur screw balance or ring balance with chaton shock-protection.

The caliber AS1012 is also found as the Consul caliber 55 and Dugena 870.

Please share your experiences and thoughts about the caliber AS 1012 in the comments section below…

A Schild Caliber As 1012 Macro A Schild Caliber As1012 Gears A Schild Caliber As1012

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Elamir Thomas
Elamir Thomas
3 years ago

Hi, my family was a manufacturer from long time and i have a stock from this machine 1012 , it’s still working very well .
If you are interesting to buy contact me.

2 years ago
Reply to  Elamir Thomas

Hi. are they in good condition? can you send some pictures? 🙂
and what’s the price. 🙂

william smith
william smith
1 year ago
Reply to  Elamir Thomas

can you tell me what you have for sale require a stem for my 1012

Michael Hickley
Michael Hickley
3 years ago

I recently purchased a non working ladies BAUME 21 jewel hand winder with an AS 1012 movement.When I got it, it was clogged up with dirt, fibre, and what looked like small hair amassed over the decades without being serviced.I managed to get the fibres,dus.and hair out, and get the watch working after a clean.Pre 1960, so at least 49 years old.Looking at the dial, I am guessing around 1950;s.

1 year ago

26 code

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