Breitling 59 Miyota Drawing

Breitling Caliber 59

Breitling 59 Miyota Drawing

Brand Breitling
Caliber Number 59
Base Caliber
Citizen 3510 / Miyota 3S10
Type Quartz
Lignes 13 1/2”’
Battery Cell Number SR927W / 399
Battery Life
Up to 2 years
Frequency 32,768Hz
Quartz Type Tuning fork type quartz crystal
Stem 065-349 P.4/065-392 lg
Hand Sizes .70mm / 1.20mm / .20mm
Circuit 14-279/469
Jewels 12
Functions Hours, minutes, chronograph seconds, 1/10 seconds, 60 minutes, 12 hours, date, alarm
Country of Manufacture Japan
Known Models Breitling Jupiter Pilot (ref: 80975, A59027, A59028)

Breitling caliber 59 is a 12 jewels quartz chronograph/alarm movement found in Breitling’s Jupiter Pilot model watches. This movement was not made by Breitling in Switzerland, it is actually a caliber 3510 (sometimes written as 3S10) made by Miyota, which is owned by Citizen Watch Co. Ltd. Breitling was using the Citizen 3510/Miyota 3S10 in their watches since at least 1988 and into the 1990s.The Jupiter Pilot was discontinued around 1998.


Miyota states the accuracy of this movement to be +/-15 seconds/month in normal temperatures.

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2 years ago

It is just absolutely mind blowing to me that Genuine Breitling watches have Miyota movements in them! I wonder how many people took their Breitling Jupiter watch to a Breitling AD or any jewelry/watch shop to sell and got turned away and told it was a fake because it has a Japanese movement. Think of how many people thought their watch was a fake!

2 years ago
Reply to  MND2955

How many people get cheated out of fair market exchange prices by someone telling them their legit Breitling is fake? Used watch dealers may profit from such knowledge on occaision.

2 years ago
Reply to  Greg

Never even thought of that. Great point!

Jamie Dupree
Jamie Dupree
2 years ago
Reply to  MND2955

Here’s another one. How many people are getting turned away from Breitling when they send a Jupiter Pilot in for service because Breitling will no longer service this caliber and wants to pretend it doesn’t exist. I wondered why my old Jupiter was sent back to me unserviced. Now I think I know why. Great watch, wish I had kept it and had a new Miyota movement put in it.

Miyota Caliber 3S10/3510 Watch Movement | Caliber Corner
2 years ago

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Steven F.
Steven F.
1 year ago

I had no idea Breitling made a watch with a Citizen movement inside! Is this real? Learn something every day!

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