ETA Caliber 955.414
ETA Caliber 955.414

ETA Caliber 955.414

The ETA caliber 955.414 is a 3-hander quartz watch movement with a date. This 7 jewels movement is parts of ETA’s Normflatline Standard family of quartz calibers. Based on technical documents, this caliber has been around since at least February 24, 1987. While this movement was presumably produced in Switzerland, none of the examples found online appear to be signed Swiss or Swiss Made. If you have an example with country of origin (on the movement, not the watch dial or caseback), please share below.

Measurements: 10.5”’, 23.3mm diameter, 2.5mm thick (2.62mm thick with battery, depending on the cell used).

The 955.414 calls for a battery number 371.

Hand sizes are: 1.2mm / .70mm / .20mm

There is a similar caliber 955.114 with the main difference being the diameter: 955414 is 10.5”’ (23.3mm) vs 955.114 at 11.5”’ (25.6mm).

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4 months ago

This one has an origin on it. In the green plastic at the top of the movement in this picture.

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