Hublot Caliber Hub9011

Hublot Caliber HUB9011

Hublot Caliber Hub9011

Brand Hublot
Caliber Number HUB9011
Base Caliber
Hublot MP-11
Type Mechanical, manual-wind
In-House? Yes
10.95mm thick
Jewels 39
Power Reserve 14 days
Barrel Count
Components 270 parts
Vibrations Per Hour 28,800 vph, 4Hz
Escapement Material
Features Hours and minutes located north of the dial, power reserve indicator located south-west
Black platinum bridges
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models  Big Bang MP-11 Magic Gold (911.MX.0138.RX), Big Bang MP-11 Blue Sapphire (911.JL.0119.RX) + Big Bang MP-11 Sapphire, Big Bang MP-11 3D Carbon, Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic

The Hublot caliber HUB9011 is an in-house mechanical movement manufactured by Hublot for Hublot watches. It is a skeletonized manual-wind movement with 14 days of power reserve on a full wind.

HUB9011 VS MP-11:

Although Hublot’s official website offers a vast amount of information and 3D graphics of their timepieces and movements, the caliber labeling can be confusing. Calibre HUB9011 is apparently the caliber MP-11 made for a few newer references listed above (specifically the Magic Gold and Blue Sapphire models).

Perhaps this quote by Hublot’s CEO explains it better:

“By marrying its famous MP-11 manufacture movement, characterised by its atypical and highly visual construction, with two new materials developed by our engineers – Magic Gold and Blue Sapphire –, Hublot once again brilliantly illustrates its “Art of Fusion”. The art of being avant-garde, different and unique.” –source

So, is it the caliber MP-11 or HUB9011? If the answer is HUB9011, then what exactly makes it different from the MP-11 that warrants a separate caliber number?

Edit: All of the MP-11 watches are listed as having the HUB9011. Hublot should clarify which designation is the actual caliber number.

14 Days Power Reserve:

The caliber HUB9011 offers a whopping 14 days power reserve. Imagine not having to wind your manual wind watch for half a month. By the time you need to wind it, you may forget that it’s a mechanical watch. Hublot frames the engineering behind this in the blurb below:

“To achieve an exceptional power reserve of two weeks, the brand has developed an original movement architecture integrating seven series-coupled barrels. The power reserve appears directly on a cylinder located to the left of the seven barrels, opposite the ‘DAY POWER RESERVE’ indication in blue or gold on the anti-reflective sapphire crystal. By adopting the shape of barrels, the sapphire crystal creates a magnifying effect on this important indication.” –source

Examples of watches with this caliber:

At the time of this post, retail prices of the watches powered by the Hublot caliber HUB 9011 range from $89,500 USD to $132,000 USD.

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