Ingersoll Caliber 735

Ingersoll Caliber 735

Ingersoll Caliber 735

Brand Ingersoll
Caliber Number IN 735
Movement Type Automatic
Jewels 35
Power Reserve 30 hours
Vibrations Per Hour 21,600 bph
Hacking? No
Hand-Windable? Yes
Features Hours, minutes, central seconds, double digit date, day subdial, month subdial, open escapement
Country of Manufacture China
Known Models Bison No. 18 IN4506

The Ingersoll caliber IN 735 automatic watch movement is found in the popular Bison No. 18 IN4506 model. This movement is Chinese-made with 35 jewels.

Some of the topics covered in this caliber listing:


Ingersoll watches claims this movement should stay accurate between -30 to +30 seconds per day when worn under normal conditions.

Open Balance Wheel

The caliber 735 has an open balance wheel (aka open escapement) design which places the balance on the front of the dial at 6:00. This is why you aren’t able to see the balance from the back view of the movement.

From the Ingersoll Manual:

“Automatic watches can be used only by those who are reasonably active as the automatic winding relies on a regular movement of the wrist. The watch must be given an initial manual wind of 8 to 10 turns and provided that it is worn on the wrist for a minimum of 8 hours each day it will continue to function indefinitely and may be taken off the wrist for a maximum period of 30 hours. If this period is exceeded the movement will stop and another manual wind will be necessary. It must be remembered that when worn in bed the movement of the wrist is insufficient to operate the automatic winding.”

How to Set the Time:

Do not set the day & date between 06.00 PM and 06.00 AM, as this may cause damage to the movement. At the end of the each month the date is required to be changed manually.

1) To achieve an accurate day of the week setting, by using a pointed device, press button C until a day prior to the day you require is achieve i.e. if today is Wednesday then set in onto Tuesday

2) To achieve and accurate date setting, by using a pointed device, press button A until a date prior to the date you required is achieve i.e. if today is the 16th then set it onto the 15th

3) Finally, by using a pointed device press button B until you get the month required.

Instructions for Time Setting

1) Pull the crown out to First position and turn the crown anti-clockwise until the day of the week is correct. The day and date will now be correct, now set the time but make sure the time is set onto am or pm. Finally push the crown back to the normal position.

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Levi Allan Örtvik
Levi Allan Örtvik
5 years ago

I have this watch, black case, black face, yellow hands, very pleased with it! – Levi in Sweden

Anthony Moser
Anthony Moser
4 years ago

Base caliber: Shanghai 2L27 (Shanghai Watch Factory)

2 years ago

Hi Guys, just a small and quick question. Do you happen to know which is the Lift Angle of this movement?

Abdelrahman osama
Abdelrahman osama
2 years ago

TPD required in a watch winder and rotation direction ?

Abdelrahman osama
Abdelrahman osama
2 years ago

I mean for this specific caliber, as I have ingersoll in1710 and I can’t find any reference

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