Eta Caliber G10 212

ETA Caliber G10.212

Eta Caliber G10 212

Caliber NumberG10.212
Lignes13 1/4”’
5.12mm thick
Battery Cell Number394
Battery Life
38 months
32,768 Hz
Accuracy Rating
It depends (see below)
Hand Sizes1.50mm / 0.90mm / 0.25mm / 0.20mm
FunctionsCentral hours; central minutes; central chronograph seconds; small running seconds subdial at 6:00; 60 minutes counter or 1/10th seconds or day of the week at 2:00; 30 minutes or 60 minutes or 12 hours counter at 10:00; date (different brands may place the date window in a different location) – there are a variety of configurations
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland
Known Models
Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch (Needs confirmed)

Eta Caliber G10212 Drawings

The ETA caliber G10.212 is a Swiss made quartz chronograph movement with 4 jewels. This caliber is part of ETA’s Fashionline family of quartz movements. It is not considered to be a repairable movement and is largely found in entry level lower priced timepieces. G10.212 replaces ETA caliber G10.211. Official tech sheets for this caliber were updated as recently as August 16, 2022, with dates back as far as April 18, 2016.

G10.212 Variations

The G10.212 has at least 4 variations available:

  • G10.212 AB – 30 minute counter at 10. PowerDrive.
  • G10.212 AD – 30 minute counter at 10. PowerDrive, PreciDrive.
  • G10.212 AP – 60 minute counter at 10. Laptimer. PowerDrive.
  • G10.212 AJ – 60 minute counter at 10. Laptimer. PowerDrive, PreciDrive.

The laptimer option on the last two versions allows the wearer to track the time of two laps as well as the total time of the laps.

Each movement will simply be labeled G10.212 with no easy way to determine the specific configuration.

(With situations like this, you may want to demand that the manufacturer of your watch be transparent about the exact caliber inside the watch you purchased from them.)

MoonSwatch Movement?

With the recent launch of the Omega X Swatch affordable quartz Speedmaster, members of the watch community have been asking what movement powers the Swatch MoonSwatch? As of launch day, neither Omega nor Swatch have mentioned the caliber number. None of the blogs who were lucky enough to get hands-on opportunities mentioned it either. Looking at the dial configuration and case size, it appears that the G10.212 is the closest ETA caliber that it can be.

See what happens when we flip the caliber G10.212 upside down and put it side-by-side with the MoonSwatch caseback?

Moonswatch Caliber G10 212 Quartz Movement Swatch

The main difference is that the MoonSwatch model does not have a date. That means, either ETA created an entirely separate caliber number without a date, or they are using the same base caliber but without the date functionality. It’s unlikely that a big brand like Omega (or Swatch) would ever put out a watch with a phantom datewheel, especially when they are both owned by the same conglomerate that owns the movement manufacturer. At least we know for sure that the MoonSwatch has the same configuration as this movement. Also important to note: they chose to use the 60 minute chrono subdial version of this movement rather than the version with the 30 minute counter. A great example as to why ETA should have given these two versions different caliber numbers in the first place!

“The Bioceramic Speedy has the same 369 layout as its stainless steel cousin, but with some differences. The mechanical Speedmaster has a 30 minute counter at 3:00, 12 hours at 6:00, and a running seconds subdial at 9:00. The MoonSwatch appears to be all mixed up with a 1/10th seconds at 2:00, running seconds at 6:00, and a 60 minute counter at 10:00. It’s disappointing that they didn’t reconfigure the quartz modules to match the positions of the “real” Speedmaster. Was this an oversight or was it intentional? It would be really interesting to know the answer!

Interestingly, there are other variations of the G10.212 with a 30 minutes subdial at 10:00 rather than the 60 minutes counter. This would have been a better choice because it looks confusing to have two “60” counters on the dial, not to mention that the Speedmaster has a 30 minute counter.” –source

But I saw other sites list the MoonSwatch as having the calibre G10.211?

That may be possible, but we are sticking with the G10.212 until proven otherwise. Why? Because the G10.212 is a replacement for the G10.211. The G10.211 appears to be discontinued. If Swatch is in fact using the G10.211 in the MoonSwatch watches, that means people are lining up and going crazy over a watch with a discontinued movement.

This caliber listing may be updated as more information about the movement inside the Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch is released.

G10.212 VS G10.712

There is also a similar caliber G10.712 which is basically the same but with a datewheel that closer to the center of the dial than the datewheel on the G10.212.

Crown/Stem Removal

To remove the crown, look for the stem release hole on the movement near the crown There is a small arrow pointing to it. Putting the crown to date setting position should reveal a button in the hole that you can gently press with your tool to release the stem. Do this carefully and do not press too hard. If you damage the stem release mechanism, there doesn’t seem to be a way to fix it since it’s encased in plastic.

Eta Caliber G10 71a Stem Removal

Metal Plate:

The metal plate on the G10 series is just a thin cover with sticky adhesive. Below this metal cover you will find an plastic encasing that holds everything together.

This is what these movements look like below the metal cover:

Eta Caliber G10 71a Metal Cover Off

In ETA’s Own Words:

“Movements of these calibres cannot be disassembled; therefore, this document contains information on electrical tests and hand-fitting only.” -ETA

G10 Accuracy:

ETA does not always make it easy to find out the expected accuracy ratings of their movements. For their PreciDrive movements (thermocompensated), ETA has officially issued a blanket statement about accuracy:

“The PreciDrive technology integrated into a calibre will allow the watch to achieve exceptional precision of +/- 10 seconds a year, a score equivalent to a precision of 0.027 seconds a day.” –source

The G10.212 being discussed here has several versions: It appears that all are PowerDrive and 2 are PowerDrive + PreciDrive. The G10.212 AJ (lap timer) and G10.212 AD (add, split timer) are the possible versions with PreciDrive.

Non-PreciDrive calibers running in normal operating conditions are claimed to have an instantaneous rate of -4 seconds to +6 seconds per day with an average of +/-1 second per day. Normal operating temperatures are between 0C (32F) to +50C (122F).

Replacement Price

At the time of this post, prices for the replacement G10.212 movements were found in the range of $45 – $59.99 USD.

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What movement is in the Swatch MoonSwatch? Watch Movement | Caliber Corner
2 years ago

[…] We still do not have a watch on hand to strip down, but our research has determined that the caliber in the MoonSwatch is likely an ETA caliber G10.212. You may also see this caliber number written as G10.211. That is the older caliber number and is supposed to be discontinued. The new caliber G10.212 replaces caliber G10.211. Read about the ETA caliber G10.212 here. […]
1 year ago

Moonswatch conversion problems: very interesting all this information – i am all new to that. here my little story. i finally got a real moonswatch from CH shop. then i bought a fake from aliexpress for $30. amazingly the fake looks really great and basically identical to the real one. however the chronograph 1/10 sec is showing 24 hr clock. so after consulting a watchmaker i decided to buy the ETA G10.212 for $52 (ebay, watch parts) and brought to the watchmaker to replace the movement. BAD. did not work, because many things are different like some locating pins in… Read more »
1 year ago

oh i forgot to mention, the original g10.212 has a date wheel on it – i even thought i could drill a hole in to the watch face and have data info in addition. would that have been possible?

1 year ago

What movement is in your watch? Most likely a Sunon chrono. Many of the Chinese movements are clones of either Japan or Swiss movements so you’d have to do some research to see if there is an equivalent movement with 1/10 second counter. Of course all the dimensions would need to be the same such as diameter size (linge), height, stem height, subdial positions, dial feet location, hand sizes, etc. Basically it would need to be an exact clone to work properly in the same case. I have done it to replace Chinese auto movements with Miyota 8215 movements. Miyota… Read more »

1 year ago

As a bit of a challenge. I’ve managed to change a fake Moonwatch movement with the ETA G10 212 one. As this has a date wheel (as did the fake watch movement) I decided to drill a hole in the dial to accommodate. Had to remove the dial pins and so I used sticky watch dial pads to secure. The pushers had to be filed back to approx 0.5mm before the ‘C’ Clip grove. I changed all the hands including the sub-dial ones as different sizes on the new movement. I sprayed the main hands in gloss white as I… Read more »

1 year ago

Used in Tissot chronographs including T63, T116617 models. Variations include Date at 3, 4 or 6, so choose the correct one.

Danny Garcia
Danny Garcia
1 year ago
Reply to  ak

Confirmed in my Tissot T067.417.16.041.00 PRS 200.

1 year ago

What’s the accuracy of this movement

1 year ago

I am replacing sub dial hands on the G10.212. Based on this article, G10.212 directly replaces G10.211. Therefore, I ordered .20mm diameter hands from Esslinger. They were obviously too small. I then ordered the next size .26mm and they were slightly too big. Under magnification, the first order appears 40% smaller in diameter, so something is wrong with the sizing. Either the diameter of the first order was labeled incorrectly or the G10.212 sub dial hands are not .20mm. Can anyone confirm the correct size diameter?

John Raba
John Raba
1 year ago

I have the Tissot Seastar 1000 chrono. It uses the G10.212 AB movement. So far, after monitoring for 13 days, it is running .11 seconds a day fast. That comes out to 3.46 seconds a month fast. At first I was interested in trying to get the Preci drive into this watch. With those numbers I no longer need or want to do that. Outstanding performance.

John Raba
John Raba
11 months ago
Reply to  John Raba

I also have a Tissot PRS with the G10.211. Over the last 36 days it has gained what looks like a hair over 1 second. Simply outstanding for both movements. So much for calling them cheap.

Rob Robertson
Rob Robertson
11 months ago

There is a mark under the battery that will determine whether it is an AB or an AD movement. Next to the ETA Logo, the AD movement has a watch shaped stamp. Found this while digging into the ETA Technical Details.

8 months ago

Why does this listing say that the G10.212 is of ETA’s Fashionline family when it says Powerdrive after the 4 variations of it. Wouldn’t that mean that the movement is of the Powerdrive/Precidrive family? I know that it doesn’t have near as many Jewels as the Certina F1 Team Sauber 10 years of partnership watch with 27 jewels and a ETA Precidrive movement that I own.

8 months ago
Reply to  calibercorner


8 months ago

I am also confused about what is the G10.212? Is it a ETA Fashionline or Powerdrive/Precidrive. This listing says both. Which is it? Very confusing Caliber Corner!

8 months ago

As an avid watch collector and seller who has owned over 500 watches I couldn’t know how many times I have come to Caliber Corner for information. I absolutely love this website. Thank You so much for answering every question or I want to know thought I have ever had about watch movements and more. I just purchased a Certina DS Blue Ribbon Dive Watch that had imperative misinformation on every website I looked at (except Caliber Corner). It has much more functions than any site listed and of much higher quality than what it cost. It is actually Certina’s… Read more »

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