Longines caliber 280 watch movement

Longines Caliber 280

Longines caliber 280 watch movement

Brand Longines
Caliber Number 280
Movement Type Manual wind, mechanical
Diameter 11.75”’ (26.5mm)
Height 3.9mm
Lift Angle 50 degrees
Jewels 17
Power Reserve 42 hours
Vibrations Per Hour 19,800 bph
Anti-Shock System Incabloc
Hands 1.60/12.0/0.13
Stem 6528
Balance 28910
Features Hours, minutes, central seconds
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Production Years 1960’s
Known Models Longines Sports Chief, other vintage Longines wristwatches. Please add yours to comments below…

The pictures posted here are of the caliber 280 found in a vintage Longines watch from 1961.

There are several variations of this caliber: the 280 pictured here; 281 with a date complication; 284 featuring an excenter regulator; and the 285 with a date and an excenter regulator. The mainspring of the caliber 280 is in a sealed unit.

You may have heard about the Longines RR280 which is a rare railroad grade chronometer. One of the distinguishing differences would be the swan neck regulator in the chronometer. The original railroad model had large Arabic numerals on the dial with “R.R. 280” at 6:00 (this watch was reissued in 2016 with a Longines caliber L888.2 aka ETA A31.L01).

Please share your experiences and thoughts about the caliber 280 in the comments section below…

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Roland Simoen
Roland Simoen
6 years ago

I bought these caliber 280 recently on a flee market.But the crown is neutral without the name Longines. I don’t now if this is correct or not?
If it must have the name longiines .Where can i find this crown and h8 ow many inch is it.Regards Roland

Watch Guru
Watch Guru
6 years ago
Reply to  Roland Simoen

It’s normal for the vintage Longines watches to have an unsigned crown. I’d say to keep it as it is without modification.

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