Rolex Caliber 4132

Rolex Caliber 4132

Rolex Caliber 4132

Manufacturer Rolex
Caliber Number 4132
Movement Type Automatic, self-winding mechanical, chronograph
In-House? Yes
Yes (COSC + Superlative Rolex certification)
Jewels 47
Power Reserve ~72 hours
Beat Rate
28,800 vph (4Hz)
Lift Angle
-2/+2 seconds per day
Rotor Type
Rotor Winding Direction
Hand-Winding Direction
Anti-Shock System Paraflex
Hairspring Paramagnetic Blue Parachrom Hairspring
Chronograph System
Column wheel
Hands Count
Features Central hours; central minutes; 1/8 sec central chronograph seconds; small running seconds subdial at 6:00; 30 minutes chronograph subdial at 3:00; 24 hour subdial at 9:00
Hacking Seconds?
18K yellow gold rotor with cutout design, Rolex Côtes de Genève decoration (“Geneva stripes” with polished groove between each band)
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Models Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 100 (100th Anniversary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Ref: 126529LN)

The Rolex caliber 4132 is an automatic chronograph movement found in the new for 2023 Daytona 100 watch. As with all current production Rolex watches, the 4132 is an in-house movement as Rolex puts it in their user manuals, it is “a self-winding mechanical movement entirely manufactured by Rolex.”

When was this movement introduced?

This brand new caliber was announced on June 10, 2023, as the engine that powers the Daytona 100 – a new model commemorating the 100th year anniversary of the automobile endurance race.

The release was a surprise announcement during the 91st 24 Hours of Le Mans race that took place between June 10-11, 2023. The watch (and movement) was on display during the race.

In Rolex’s Own Words:

From the official press announcement – JUNE 2023 – A SPECIAL COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA:

“Calibre 4132 is exclusive to the version of the Cosmograph Daytona created to celebrate the 24 Hours of Le Mans centenary.” – Official press page

And also this:

“This original timepiece is equipped with an exclusive movement, calibre 4132, which allows the hours of the chronograph function to be counted over twenty-four hours – another nod to the race – instead of the model’s usual twelve. ” –Source

Rolex 4132 VS 4131:

With exception to the new special release 24 Hours of Le Mans model, the current 2023 Daytona line-up is powered by the calibre 4131. The Le Mans anniversary watch is powered by the cal. 4132 being discussed on this page. The main difference is found n the functionality of the chronograph complication. Simply put: The standard Daytona 4131 has a 12 hour chronograph counter at 9:00; the 4132 has a 24 hour chronograph counter. Aside from this, the outside styling is different as well (the dial design is a throwback to the original Daytona, the monobloc Cerachrom bezel has a red ceramic 100 marker, and while other Daytonas are available in stainless steel, the 24 Hours of Le Mans Daytona is only available in 18K white gold).

Interestingly, some of the images being display by Rolex of the Le Mans Daytona, are still showing the 4131. This is likely because not much changed cosmetically on the backside except for the caliber number etching. As of 6/12/23, an image of the movement is still not found in the official Daytona 100 brochure.

Although it seems to be a newfound trend for Rolex, this new Daytona is one of the few Rolex watches ever produced with an exhibition style caseback. Therefore, all 4132 watches (at least currently) have display backs, whereas, to get the 4131 with a display back, you would need to purchase a platinum Daytona.


Rolex claims the caliber 4132 is more precise than an officially certified chronometer with an accuracy of -2/+2 seconds per day “after casing”. To jump start your watch after the movement has stopped, Rolex recommends manual-winding clockwise for 25 turns of the crown.

Power Reserve:

Once the watch is fully wound, it should run for approximately 72 hours. You will get the best rate of precision when measuring accuracy on a full power reserve. While Rolex states to wind the watch 25 times to start it, it is unconfirmed how many winds it takes to fully wind the movement.

Setting the Time:

To set the time on your cal. 4132 powered timepiece, unscrew the crown and pull it out one click. Because this is a true no-date movement, there is only one crown setting position. The small seconds hand at 6:00 will be stopped when the crown is pulled out (hacked seconds). Rolex officially states that it is ok to move the hands forwards or backwards to reach the desired time.

“To set the hour and minute, turn the crown in either direction.” -Source: Official user guide, page 8 (IMR-DAY100-US-23 – 4.2023)

Caliber Corner still needs to add this caliber to the Rolex Time Setting Crown Direction list. If you have handled the 4132 and know the crown turning direction for advancing the hands forward, please add the information to the comments below.

Movement Text:


On the rotor: CHRONOMETER / coronet (crown) logo / PERPETUAL / DAYTONA (red color)

Macro Gallery:


Watches with this movement:

As of this post (6/10/23) the calibre 4132 is only found in one Rolex watch model: The 100th Anniversary 24 Hours of Le Mans Daytona (Reference: 126529LN). Available with one dial variation: “Bright black and intense white” (reverse panda dial) with Chromalight. 40mm diameter in 18K white gold. The retail price is $51,400 USD.

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10 months ago

They should have made it a 24 YEAR timer to track how long you’ll be on a waitlist.

10 months ago
Reply to  Mozi
10 months ago
Reply to  Mozi

Sounds about right.

T. Ortega
T. Ortega
10 months ago

Does this have a vertical clutch? BEtter yet, does every column wheel have a vertical clutch? Like do they go hand in hand together? Thanks

10 months ago

I love that it’s a 24 hour counter! I think that is more useful than 12 hours. Any idea of how many they are making of this model?

10 months ago

A “Daytona” for “Le Mans”. Maybe it’s time to scrap the Daytona name. Would rather they just called this the Rolex Le Mans.

10 months ago

24 hour sub dial is friggin sweeet!

10 months ago

Are there any other watches with a12 hour chronograph that don’t cost $50k? I like the idea of having a full day counter like that.

8 months ago
Reply to  Casey

My Steinhart Ocean One Chronograph II has a 12 hour chronograph, and it was waaaay under 50K, the movement is even Swiss made with a column wheel. If you meant to say other watches with a 24 hour chronograph, I have no idea, there probably aren’t many.

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