Eta Caliber 955 432

ETA Caliber 955.432

Eta Caliber 955 432

Manufacturer ETA Normflatline
Caliber Number 955.432, 955432
Replaces ETA 955.431, BUL 2680.27
Dimensions 10 1/2”’ (23.3mm) x 2.50mm thick
Frequency 32’768 Hz
Battery Cell Number 371 (or 395)
Stem 401-906 (tap 10)
Hand Sizes 120, 70
Jewels 7
Hacking? Yes (to save battery life)
Functions Hours, minutes
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models
Georg Jensen Torun (add yours in the comments below)

The ETA caliber 955.432 7 jewels quartz movement. It is Swiss made. This caliber is part of ETA’s Normflatline line of quartz movements.

Battery Life:

This movement has a “very long battery life” according to ETA. Official documentation claims that you can get about 137 months of use out of a 40 mAh battery cell, or up to 188 months from a 55 mAh battery.

Replacement Prices:

At the time of this post, replacement prices were found online between $35.95 and $49.95.

Caliber 955.432 Photo Gallery:

These images are of a 955.432 movement found in this Georg Jensen Torun ladies watch.

Eta Caliber 955432

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4 months ago


Where can i buy one

3 months ago

Auch eingebaut in Eterna Quarz Bj.1985

Venus Caliber 178

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