Landeron 24 Back2
Landeron Caliber Landeron24 (L24)

Landeron Caliber Landeron24 (L24)

Manufacturer Landeron
Caliber Number Landeron24, L24, 24
11 1/2”’
4.6mm thick (unconfirmed)
Jewels 25
Power Reserve 40 hours
Lift Angle
50 degrees (unconfirmed)
Vibrations Per Hour 28,800 bph, 4Hz
Hacking? Yes
Quickset Date? Yes
Rotor Style
Anti-Shock Device
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central sweeping seconds; date at 3:00
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Models
Isotope Hydirum X “Blink” Diver, Tzoumy Pentagon (Add yours to the comments below…)

The Landeron caliber Landeron24 (L24 or just 24) is a clone of the ETA 2824-2 workhorse movement.

You may recognize the name Landeron as a maker of vintage chronograph watch movements. The name is the same, but as of 2018, Landeron movements are produced by Depa Swiss Movements Company (DEPA LUXURY DISTRIBUTION GmbH), with a workshop located about an hour away from Le Landeron, Switzerland.

Landeron 24 Back2

In Depa’s own words:

Landeron24 Swiss Made movement same as ETA2824 even small quantity for your projects” –source (1/8/19)

And also this:

“It will be very difficult for many small and medium watch brands to produce Swiss Made mechanical watches because they will not be able to access mechanical movements, even if Sellita will not have enough of the parts supplied by ETA for the SW200 and other calibres, also because many they will turn to them by creating delays for up to 18 months and substantial price increases are not ruled out. We from Depa Swiss Movements can cover a very small part of the market but we are studying the possibility of expanding our production, we will supply our products to everyone. Follow us on Facebook” –source

Depa has two lines of watch movements: Premium and Economy. The Premium family of movements are 100% Swiss made with a Swiss made certificate. The Economy series is said to be Swiss made with “Far East made parts”, which is the watch industry’s way of saying the parts are made in China, assembled in Switzerland, and also include a Swiss made certificate.

Landeron 24

On the ETA 2824-2 clones page, a longtime community member said this about the Landeron24:

“I would also add the Landeron 24 (nee DEPA Swiss), which like the Valanron VAL-24, uses Sea-Gull 2130 ebauches and then adds 51% Swiss value.” –source

Further confirmation that the parts in fact come from Seagull is still needed. If so, this is what we here at Caliber Corner have coined as a “Switzerland via China” movement.

Depa Swiss Landeron L24 Landeron24 Watch Movement

Depa has also advertised a caliber 24H with a modified hour hand to display 24 hours instead of 12.

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1 year ago

So you’re telling me Europa Star is full of shit calling this these “historical Landeron 24 calibres”?

1 year ago
Reply to  FOSwatcher


2 months ago
Reply to  FOSwatcher

A watchmaker who worked there said he set all the pieces at -1+3s/d.
Parts from China? Most of them.
Swap parts with SW? Yes.

Remember that Cartier and IWC (Richemont) run sellita… You pay as gold an ETA copy…

1 year ago

Of a company says, l24 how do we know which is which?

Price is no guide, as I’ve seen nhs35/6 watches at 1K.

8 months ago

BWG Bavarian Watch Giese will be using the L24 in their Isaria.

8 months ago

I have a few Isotopes with this movement. Top-notch, +2″ per day!!

1 month ago

Hi, I usually check for your replacement cost section but this hasn’t any info. Does anyone know how much one piece of L24 movement is? And what are their minimum requirements? I’m curious to test one.

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