Cartier Caliber 690 Quartz Watch Movement

Cartier Caliber 690

Cartier Caliber 690 Quartz Watch Movement

Caliber Number690
Base CaliberCartier 687
Battery Number
FunctionsHours, minutes
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland
Known Models
Tank de Cartier (ref: W5200004 ), Tank Solo

This Cartier caliber 690 quartz movement was found in Tank de Cartier model. The watch itself is ultra slim, measuring at about 5.6mm thick. This movement is also used in other Tank models, such as the Tank Solo Large.

You will find many sites incorrectly listing the caliber 690 as having 7 jewels, but since most of the other sites out there don’t actually bother to open each watch, they failed to see that the 690 actually has 8 jewels.

This movement is also the same as the Ebel caliber 690.

Please share your experiences and thoughts about the Cartier caliber 690 in the comments section below…

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Dan Finch
Dan Finch
2 years ago

Cartier (and Ebel) use Quartz movements that are designed and made in-house by Piaget. They have the same model numbers. The Cartier 690 is the same as the Piaget 690P. The only difference is that the Cartier uses their horizontal Geneva Stripes, while the Piaget uses their Circular stripes. They have their own trademarks on them. They are a high-quality proprietary movement that is only serviced by the Manufacturer. If they fail, they are VERY… Read more »

trevor gill
trevor gill
1 year ago
Reply to  Dan Finch

when you say if i fails ,though it should last many years ,you say expensive to replace movement any idea what cost thanks.

5 months ago
Reply to  trevor gill

I just saw a supposedly, “Original cartier 690 quartz movement new condition full working” on Ebay for $200. So Cartier would charge 7X to 8X that amount, or somewhere in that vicinity. (Date of this response: 8 July 2021)

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