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Miyota Caliber 9015 Gilt

Miyota Caliber 9015 GILT

Miyota Caliber 9015 Gilt

ManufacturerMiyota (Citizen)
Caliber Number9015 GILT
Movement TypeAutomatic
Jewel Count
Country of ManufactureJapan
Known Brands
Momentum Atlas (Please add your watch in the comments below!)

The Miyota caliber 9015 GILT is the same as the Miyota Cal. 9015 except that it is gold tone. The reference number for this movement is 9015-20G. When ordering this caliber from Miyota, it is a special order with a minimum order of 1,000 units and roughly 2 months lead-time for production.

*** For full technical information and detailed specs, please refer to the Miyota 9015 caliber listing here. ***

Miyota 9015 Gilt Movement Front Back


The 9015 Gilt has a lot of light play depending on the angle, thanks to the gold tone and the finishing techniques used.

Miyota Caliber 9015 Gilt Finishing

Macro Gallery:

Examples of the 9015 GILT in watches:

Below is a picture of 9015G found in this Momemtum Atlas field watch.

Momentum Atlas Automatic Field Watch Miyota 9015 Gilt

Momentum Atlas Automatic Field Watch 9015 Gold


The movement above was stamped H•E (HE) under the balance wheel. Still not sure what that means, please talk about it in the comments if you know!

Miyota Caliber 9015 Gilt Balance Wheel He

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