Miyota Caliber 9u13

Miyota Caliber 9U13

Miyota Caliber 9u13

Manufacturer Miyota (Citizen)
Caliber Number 9U13
Type Quartz
Replaces Caliber Citizen 0510
Ligned 10.5”’
2.33mm thick
Dial Feet Locations
5:00, 11:00
Battery Cell Number SR916SW / 373
Estimated Battery Life
4 years
Frequency 32,768Hz
Quartz Type Tuning fork type quartz crystal
Stem 065-495 (tap 12)
Hand Count
Hand Sizes
1.20mm / .7mm / .17mm
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central “ticking” seconds; date at 3:00 or 6:00
Country of Manufacture Japan
Known Models
Bulova 97B162 (Please add your watch in the comments below…)

The Miyota caliber 9U13 is a quartz movement with 0 jewels. It is assembled in Japan and is considered to be a replaceable movement. Miyota also lists this caliber as having a long battery life.

In Miyota’s own words:

“Super slim movement. Perfect for designs with an ultra-thin profile.” –Source

Some of the topics covered in this caliber listing:

Accuracy Rating:

Miyota states the accuracy of this movement to be +/-20 seconds/month in normal operating conditions.


The battery in the 9U13 is a cell number SR916SW (aka 373). A new battery should get you up to 4 years of runtime.

This movement is equipped with a low battery indicator. When the battery is running low and needs replaced, the seconds hand will skip every 2 seconds.

9U13 VS 9U15:

There is a similar caliber 9U15 with the main difference being that the 9U13 has a central seconds hand and the 9U15 does not have a seconds hand. Note that the 9U15 also doesn’t have the low battery indicator mentioned above because it does not have a seconds hand.

Replacement Price:

At the time of this post, prices for the caliber 9U13 quartz movement were found online between $12.95 to $17.95 USD.

Note: The 9U13-00A (with the date at 3:00) is readily available from watch parts resellers and in bulk from Miyota. If you need a 9U13-00V with the date at 6:00, there is a minimum order of 1,000 pieces with a lead time of about 2 months.

9U13 Front, Back, Side:

Miyota 9u13

Assembly / Disassembly:

Additional Resources:

Caliber found in a Bulova 97B162 and submitted by James Hamilton

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Miyota Watch Movements (List) Watch Movement | Caliber Corner
1 year ago

[…] 9U13 […]

Jake Elliott
Jake Elliott
1 year ago

It’s a great movement, this Quartz is circa +1.5 sec./day.

Jake Elliott
Jake Elliott
1 year ago
Reply to  Jake Elliott

Sorry peeps, I obviously meant +1.5 sec./month.

Matthew Stueber
Matthew Stueber
6 months ago

How many years until battery replacement is needed? Thank you.

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