Mingzhu Caliber DG5833
Mingzhu Caliber DG5833

Mingzhu Caliber DG5833

Brand Mingzhu
Caliber Number DG5833, DG5833GMT, DG 5833
Base Caliber
Automatic, self-winding mechanical
Jewels Unconfirmed
Power Reserve ~40 hours
Beat Rate
21,600 bph
If you see this on AliExpress or DHgate it was stolen from calibercorner.com
Lift Angle
Hacking Seconds? Yes
Quickset Date? Yes
Rotor Winding Direction
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central sweeping seconds; date at 3:00; 24 hour GMT wheel at 6:00
Country of Manufacture China
Known Models
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The Mingzhu caliber DG5833 is an affordable GMT movement made in China. The GMT complication on the DG5833 is in the form of a datewheel style disc (not a standard GMT hand). It seems as if this caliber was essentially made to be the movement in knockoff/homage/fake/replica/counterfeit/whatever you want to call them Rolex Sky-Dweller watches.

DG5833 VS DG3804:

It appears that there may be some confusion with caliber DG5833 being used for the standard 4-hander GMT DG3804 and vice versa. Apparently, even the sellers of DG5833 and DG3804 raw movements as well as assembled watches, are not on the same page as to the correct caliber designations and use them interchangeably. It seems that the caliber DG3804 is a standard 4-hander GMT movement, whereas the DG5833 has the GMT wheel/disc module. But, without caliber number markings, we shall never know. Such mystery and excitement!

DG5833A VS DG5833B:

As a follow-up to the section above, some sellers have been found to also list a DG5833A and DG5833B. If you see this, the A is for the 4-hand GMT. The B is for the GMT wheel version.

Dixmont-Guangzhou Mingzhu?

This caliber is often listed as a Mingzhu DG5833. The DG usually stands for Dixmont-Guangzhou. Is it a real Dixmont-Guangzhou? Who knows! With lack of branding on the movements (not even a jewel count or country of origin), lack of transparency in the Chinese watch industry and even lack of knowledge by most sellers dealing in DG5833 movements, lack of consistency with branding and caliber number designations, lack of available technical documentation, and lack of respect for intellectual property as a whole, the DG in your DG5833 could possibly have nothing to do with the actual DG: Dixmont-Guangzhou. The Mingzhu in your Mingzhu DG5833 possibly has nothing to do with Mingzhu (a brand under DG).

You may also notice that some sellers of these movements position the rotor over the balance wheel or tilt the movement in a way so that you cannot see if there is a logo engraved or stamped below the balance wheel. If you have an example with a logo, please share below.

Setting the Time/GMT:

  • Position 0: Crown against the case, winding position
  • Position 1: Date setting mode, clockwise
  • Position 2: GMT setting mode, counterclockwise
  • Position 3: Time setting mode

Similar Movements & Fitment:

Since the DG5833 is based on the DG2813, which itself is based on Miyota 8 series framework, dial and hands for the Miyota 8215 should fit the DG5833 – however, with the GMT wheel setup, you will need a dial with a cutout. This also means that the DH5833 has an indirect seconds hand setup, and may present a less than smooth sweeping motion – this is completely normal.

Replacement Prices:

At the time of this post, replacement prices for the DG5833 were found online in the range of $31.99 – $59.99 USD.

As with most made in China watch movements, detailed information and tech sheets on this caliber are most likely not available or near impossible to find. Please share what you know below.

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Jeannot Gernot
Jeannot Gernot
2 months ago

This caliber is amazingly well made. Nobody has to be ashamed to have bought such a good watch caliber in his/her beautiful watch.

I’m from Suisse/Switzerland, but unlike many of my fellow Swiss, I’m no snob about swiss/chinese/usa-watches. Or any other brand for that matter. 🙂

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