Mbf Caliber Lm Sequential Evo Chronograph Movement

MB&F Caliber LM Sequential EVO

Mbf Caliber Lm Sequential Evo Chronograph Movement

Manufacturer MB&F
Caliber Number Sequential EVO
Type Manual wind
Jewels 59
Number of Parts 585
Power Reserve 72 hours
Vibrations Per Hour 21,600 bph (3Hz)
Functions Hours and minutes at 6:00; left chronograph with seconds subdial at 9:00 and 30 minutes counter at 11:00; right chronograph with seconds at 3:00 and 30 minutes counter at 1:00; Twinverter pusher at 9:00; power reserve indicator on the back of the movement.
Fully integrated dual chronograph system with “Twinverter” switch for multiple timing modes; double mainspring; flying balance wheel with regulating screws at 12 o’clock; Breguet overcoil.
Superlative hand finishing; internal bevel angles highlighting handcraft; polished bevels; Geneva waves; hand-made engravings, darkened bridges (NAC finish).
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models
Legacy Machine Sequential EVO (see below)

The MB&F LM Sequential EVO is an in-house dual column-wheel chronograph movement that was launched in 2022 in the Legacy Machine Sequential EVO timepiece. It is the brand’s first ever chronograph. The announcement of this movement marks MB&F’s 20th caliber in 17 years.

From the official press-release:

“With long-time Friend Stephen McDonnell, MB&F reinvents the chronograph with an innovative dual chronograph system offering multiple timing modes. The key to this ground-breaking solution is the “Twinverter”, a pusher allowing to act on both chronographs simultaneously.”


In MB&F’s own words:

“The LM Sequential EVO movement incorporates two column-wheel chronographs and a groundbreaking “Twinverter” binary switch, allowing multiple timing modes including split-second and lap timer modes – a combination never seen before in any chronograph.”

What does it do?

Via a pusher located at 9:00 on the case, the Twinverter is essentially a switch that inverts the current start/stop status of both chronographs.

Caliber Number:

As seen with the innovative designs in their timepieces, it’s clear that MB&F doesn’t color within the lines, they are independent in every sense of the word. This even carries over into the way they designate their calibers. Unlike most brands that use a numbering system, MB&F calls this caliber by the same name of the watch itself.

This movement is in the Legacy Machine Sequential EVO watches, therefore it is considered to be MB&F caliber LM Sequential EVO.

Partnership Project:

The LM Sequential EVO is a project with Northern Irish watchmaker Stephen McDonnell.

“Conceived with Stephen McDonnell, who previously reinvented for MB&F the perpetual calendar complication with the award-winning LM Perpetual.”

And from the Legacy Machine Perpetual launch:

“McDonnell had been a long-time Friend of the brand and played an instrumental role in the realisation of MB&F’s very first timepiece, Horological Machine No.1. As Büsser was thinking of developing a perpetual calendar for the fourth watch in the Legacy Machine collection, McDonnell replied that he had an idea for a perpetual calendar that addresses many of the drawbacks associated with conventional examples.Three years and a great many sleepless nights later, Legacy Machine Perpetual was born.”

Macro Gallery:


Watches with this movement:

At the time of initial launch (and at the time of this post), the @mbandf caliber Legacy Machine Sequential EVO dual chrono movement is available in two models:

  • Legacy Machine Sequential EVO Orange (ref: 09.ZR.OR) – Zirconium with orange CVD dial
  • Legacy Machine Sequential EVO Black (ref: 09.ZR.BL) –  Zirconium with black PVD dial

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