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Akita Caliber 9me00 Seiko

Akita Caliber 9ME00

Akita Caliber 9me00 Seiko

ManufacturerAkita (Unit/Division of Seiko)
Caliber Number9ME00
10.5”’ (unconfirmed)
Diameter23.30mm (unconfirmed)
2.60mm (unconfirmed)
Battery Cell NumberSR612SW / 364
32,768 Hz (cycles per second)
Hand Sizes110 / 65 / 20 (unconfirmed)
FunctionsCentral hours, central minutes, central seconds, date subdial at 3:00, day of the week subdial at 9:00. month subdial at 12:00
Country of ManufactureJapan
Known Models Le Chat, Fossil, Armitron, Racer and more (Please add your watch to the comments below…)

The Akita caliber 9ME00 is a quartz triple date movement that was made in Japan. It is an unadjusted, 0 jewels movement. This caliber has been discontinued and is no longer available unless you find it in an existing watch. There is not much information available on the 9ME00, please share what you know in the comments section of this post.


There appear to be other variations of the “9ME” base movement, such as with a moonphase complication. It is unconfirmed whether the different variations had their own caliber number (ie: 9MEXX).

At the time of this post, an example of the moonphase version was posted by this ebay seller (ikspecs) with a lot of 36 9ME00 movements for $210. This picture is below, but they only show the front of the movement which is not signed with the caliber number. If anyone contacts the seller for more info or images, please share in the comments.

Akita Caliber 9me00 Moonphase Movement

Crown/Stem Removal:

To remove the crown and stem on the 9ME00, look for the stem release button as pictured below. Gently press it down with your tool and pull the crown out. This button will only be fully visible when the crown is in the correct position for removal.

Akita Caliber 9me00 Seiko Crown Stem Release

Replacement Price:

As mentioned above, the 0ME00 has been discontinued, however, sometimes you can find old watches on eBay with this movement. You may be able to use them for parts. At the time of this post, there was a “Racer” brand watch with this movement listed as a broken parts watch for about $6 plus $10 shipping from Spain.

Examples of watches with this movement:

The Akita 9ME00 movement pictured on this caliber listing was found in a Le Chat watch. The pictured were submitted to the site by community member Stephen T. Below is the dial side of his watch.

Akita Caliber 9me00 Seiko Le Chat Dial Side

Additional Resources:

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1 year ago

Some other watch brands that used this movement are Minister, Nowley, Voga.

1 year ago

I now have a moonphase version. It is a Santo Joannes watch, in style you could nickname it a ‘9ME00 Paul Newman’, the movement is marked exactly the same namewise, 9ME00. The lower crown operates the date numerals as on the standard version, with the additional action of rotating the crown the other way to adjust the moonphase.
I also bought that Racer watch mentioned in the description.

1 year ago

Some more information, today I disassembled one of my Le Chat 9ME00 watches and the Racer 9ME00 watch, (I had bought a joblot of those Le Chat watches) to use the Le Chat movement to get the Racer working. I found out that the moonphase version is not a variant, they all have a moonphase under the dial, even if the finished watch does not have a moonphase dial to show it.

11 months ago

I had one of these. Duval watch using 9me00
Its for sal find me on instagram @sinartimursurabaya

2 months ago

I have this caliber in a Mathey-Tissot, MT-82203MWS

Greg Peters
Greg Peters
2 months ago

Hi, I have a Krug Bauman 1916km. With this movement.

1 month ago

I am attempting to remove the moon phase stem from this movement, am I to understand that the one tab releases both the main and moon phase stems?

24 days ago

I have the 9me00 in a watch I purchased around 2003. On a cruise. Branded Club Med, The watch was made in China for E.Gluck Corp. It has 3 sub dials. Day, at the 9, date at 3 and month at 12 and a moon phase at 6. The Crown at 3 operates the day, date, month. The Crown at 4 o’clock operates the moon phase.

Venus Caliber 178
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