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Peseux caliber 320 mechanical watch movement

Peseux Caliber 320

Peseux caliber 320 mechanical watch movement

Manufacturer Peseux
Caliber Number 320
Movement Type Mechanical, manual-wind
Vibrations Per Hour 18,000 bph, 4Hz
Jewels 17
Power Reserve 47 hours
Diameter 10.5”’ (23mm)
Lift Angle 52 degrees
Height 3.1mm
Hands 1.30mm, 0.80mm, 0.22mm
Hairspring Flat
Shock Absorber Incabloc
Hacking? Yes
Balance Nickel screw balance
Functions Hours, minutes, small seconds
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models
Vintage manual wind Pontiac Palmares (add more to comments below)

The Peseux caliber 320 was produced in Switzerland. This movement can be found with or without shock protection. Other variations also exist depending on when it was manufactured. Do not be surprised if you come across a configuration that is different from what is seen here. If you do, please send a photo to be added to this listing.

The movement pictured above is from a vintage Pontiac watch. According to this page, Pontiac watches were launched in Belgium in 1932:

Alain De Nys fell into the world of timepieces when he was young. This timekeeping enthusiast inherited a passion for watch-making from his mother, who in turn inherited it from her father. In 1932,the grand father of Alain De Nys, Ali Kinsbergen, launched the famous Pontiac brand in Belgium..

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D. W.
D. W.
7 years ago

Would something like this be what a Unitas 6497 is based on?

Melvin Hollenberg
Melvin Hollenberg
7 years ago
Reply to  D. W.

No, the Unitas is older and also 6 lignes larger.

Yongky Cahya
Yongky Cahya
3 years ago

I have this watch

Professor Mark Woods
Professor Mark Woods
3 years ago

I thought the Peseaux 320 cal had 21 jewels not 17 jewels , I have a Vintage Accurist Hexagon Watch it also has the Peseaux 320 Cal but it has 21 jewels. This watch is an early 1960’s watch.

Paul Currell
Paul Currell
2 years ago

You can get it in different configurations, I am currently working on a 21 jewel version of this movement, the 4 extra jewels are all cap jewels.

2 years ago
Reply to  Paul Currell

Hi. How do you know if your Peseaux 320 cal has 21 jewels or 17 jewels ?

Professor Mark Woods
Professor Mark Woods
2 years ago

I bought a vintage Accurist Hexagonal Watch it has the Peseaux 320 movement and it’s the original movement that came with the watch when it left the Accurist Workshop in England but obviously with a Swiss movement. Ever since I purchased this vintage watch ( 6 months ago ) it hasn’t let me done , when I wind it I get 48hrs without the next wind if I forget to wind it but generally I wind my watches every day with 8 winds of the dial. No wonder this movement is still being used it’s excellent, Well Done Peseaux !!!!!!

Tony White
Tony White
10 months ago

I have a Vetta 18K gold cased watch with (I think) this movement.
As you can see it is the 17 jewel version branded for Vetta.
Does anyone have any further info on this watch?

Gold Vetta movement.png
Gold Vetta2.png
Seagull Caliber St19

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