Ebauches Bettlach Caliber Eb 8810

Ebauches Bettlach Caliber EB 8810

Ebauches Bettlach Caliber Eb 8810

Manufacturer Ebauches Bettlach SA
Caliber Number 8810, EB8810
Type Mechanical, manual-wind
Lignes 12”’
1 (varies)
Vibrations Per Hour
18,000 bph
Lift Angle
Unknown (add below)
Anti-Shock Protection
Functions Central hours, central minutes, central seconds, date at 3:00
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models
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The Ebauches Bettlach (EB) caliber 8810 is a vintage mechanical hand-wound watch movement. This is a Swiss made movement that was produced in the 1950s – 1960s. This is a one jewel movement with a pin-lever escapement.

This movement may be signed with the following text:

Swiss Unadjusted / One 1 Jewel / EB (shield logo) / 8810

Although not easy to read in the picture above (sorry, it was a cell phone pic of a watch someone was wearing), the strap over the mainspring barrel is signed Webster Watch Co., but this may be signed with a different brand depending on who the watch was made for (examples: Economic Swiss Time Manufacturing, Lucerne Calendar, Sindaco LTD, ALFEX LTD, Montgomery Ward, etc.). Either way, if it’s signed “EB 8810” then it is still an Ebauches Bettlach caliber 8810.

Jewel Count

The EB 8810 can be found with various jewel counts. The movement featured on this page is an example of a 1 jewel movement, but there are other 8810 examples with 0 jewels, 17 jewels, and possibly 21 jewels (needs confirmed). If you have a watch powered by the 8810, please add the watch brand and jewel count to the comments below.

Maker Confusion

Sometimes you will see this movement listed as being an Ernest Borel or ETA. This confusion comes from the “EB” initials which some folks think stands for Ernest Borel. The ETA mixup comes from the shield logo which may resemble the ETA logo a a quick glance with the naked eye.

How to remove the crown/stem?

The remove the crown and stem on an EB caliber 8810 movement, you will want to look for the detent button near the stem. There are two round areas that look similar, but find the one that has a slight indentation for your tool as pictured below.

Eb Eta Caliber 8810 Remove Stem


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8 months ago

Belle Suisse

jhon nickelback
jhon nickelback
8 months ago
Reply to  Patrick

lol good one

8 months ago

I have an EB 8810 pocket watch by Intertime

7 months ago

Berco sport 1 jewel

6 months ago

I have a Windert Super Surf Diver Watch with an EB 8810 movement with 1 jewel – The movement is signed on the strap with Windert Watch Co Inc

Dennis Bujan
Dennis Bujan
4 months ago

Olivia Pocket Railroad watch 17 jewels

Gregory Foppe
Gregory Foppe
3 months ago

I have a 17 Jewel EB 8810 in a Andre Rivalle pocket watch

2 months ago

I have a Lucerne calendar diver watch with a EB 8810 one jewell

1 month ago

J’ai une montre similaire W3 T1580A

20 days ago

17j SICURA “Chrono” with sub seconds and dual crown, Chrono pusher rests central minute hand to zero. Peculiar mech… Def marked EB 8810.

11 days ago

EverSwiss calendar 1 jewel. Stem seem to have 2 positions wind the mainspring and set the minutes. To advance the date must wind past 12:00 twice.

Venus Caliber 178

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