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Time Æon Foundation

Bridging the Past and Future of Fine Watchmaking.

Time Aeon Foundation

The Time Æon Foundation is a small group of independent watchmakers with the aim of elevating the image of their professional and evolving its development.

In the foundation’s own words:

“Following a series of alarming observations, and having identified some serious shortcomings in the watchmaking field, in 2005 the idea was had to start a foundation to preserve outstanding craftsmanship. After much reflection, it became apparent that a foundation was the right solution as it was the only organisation truly suited to the objectives we had set ourselves, and one that we had set our hearts on creating.” –Source

Some of the topics covered in this caliber listing:


As self-proclaimed Guardians of Knowledge, the group strives to “take the art of watchmaking to its pinnacle and keep it well above passing trends.”

With that goal in mind, the foundation’s stated objectives are as follows (source):

  • Index and catalogue endangered crafts.
  • Preserve the crafts associated with watchmaking excellence and help pass them on to new generations.
  • Help protect the world’s watchmaking heritage.
  • Inspire people to take up watchmaking as a profession.
  • Support the training of future independent watchmakers wishing to promote watchmaking excellence.

Time Æon Members:

Time Æon’s founding members include a collection of the watch community’s favorite haute horologists:

  • Robert Greubel
  • Stephen Forsey
  • Martial Fragnière
  • Laurent Bardet
  • Kari Voutilainen
  • Vianney Halter
  • Philippe Dufour

Active members list as of 6/2023:

  • Robert Greubel
  • Stephen Forsey
  • Philippe Dufour
  • Felix Baumgartner
  • David Bernard
  • Vianney Halter
  • Dominique Renaud

The projects that the foundation embarks on are not limited to being developed by the above members.

Main Watch Projects:

As of 2023, Time Aeon Foundation has three main projects under its belt:

Time Aeon Naissance D Une Montre 1

Video from Watches & Wonders 2020:

Additional Resources:

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