Tag Heuer Calibre S

TAG Heuer Calibre S

Tag Heuer Calibre S

Brand TAG Heuer
Caliber Number Calibre S
IndTec (aka Soprod)
Movement Type Quartz
Lignes 13.25”’
27 (has been listed as having 28)
32,768 Hz
Battery Cell
Hand Count 5
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central seconds; perpetual calendar through 2099; chronograph (1/10 and/or 1/100 seconds); date displayed via counters at 4:00 and 8:00; Regatta models have Regatta mode with countdown for sail boat races (counting down from -10 to -1 min) and synchronization of hands with official timing signal every minute
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Models
Tag Heuer Calibre S Link (Refs: CJF7110, CJF7111, CJF7112, CJF7113, CAT7010, CAT7011), Calibre S Aqua Racer (Refs: CAF7010, CAF7011, CAF7012, CAF7013, CAF7113, CAF7114), Calibre S Carrera (Refs: CV7A12, CV7A13), Calibre S Formula 1 F1 (Refs: CAH7010, CAH7011), Caliber S Regatta (Refs: CAF7110, CAF71111, CAF7112), Calibre S Laptimer (Refs: CAG7010, CAG7011, CV7A10, CV7A11) (Add your watch to the comments below…)

The Tag Heuer Caliber S is a mechaquartz movement (electo-mechanical as Tag called it) with five independent bi-directional motors. This movement was first introduced in 2005 and later launched in the Link Calibre S and the Aqua Racer Regatta Timer model in 2007. Variations are the Calibre S, Calibre S Regatta, and Calibre S Laptimer.

Tag Heuer Cal S


While the concept and order came from TAG Heuer, the movement itself was not made by them. There is some industry confusion that it is an in-house movement, but the Calibre S was actually made by INDTEC – the original name of the watch movement manufacturer that is called Soprod today. This isn’t a big secret, as you can see below the INDTEC logo is engraved in the center of the movement.

Indtec (based in Sion, Switzerland) was a subsidiary of the Société de Finance et Technologie (aka SFT). Indtec was was registered in 1984, and later SFT was established in 1993. Both were started in part by Swiss entrepreneur Victor Bruzzo who formerly held the title of Chief of Production at SWATCH. SFT specialized in quartz movements – producing around 100 million units per year. In this article (plasticstoday.com) from September 1999, the SFT Group is recognized as being the fourth largest watch part producer in the world, behind Seiko, Citizen, and Swatch. In 2002, Leman Capital purchased the SFT Group, and later acquired Soprod in 2005 – from this merger, they formed STM Holding SA. By 2007, the China based Peace Mark acquired STM Holding SA – thereby also acquiring Indtec, DFT, and Soprod. But guess what? In 2008, Peace Mark was liquidated and sold to Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Co via New Flow Group Ltd for about $64.7 million (source). Somehow, through all of that, Festina Group ended up acquiring Soprod in the same year. You can’t make this sh*t up.

Tag Heuer Caliber S Indtec

Video How to Guides:

How to Set the Time and Date:

Below are some video guides on setting the time and date on the Calibre S. The vids are a bit old, so excuse the quality.

How to use the chronograph:

This video shows how to use the chronograph function…

How to Reset the Chronograph to Zero:

Additional Resources:

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