Omega Caliber 562
Omega Caliber 562

Omega Caliber 562

Manufacturer Omega
Caliber Number 562
Base Caliber
Movement Type
Automatic, self-winding mechanical
Jewels 24
Frequency/Beat Rate
19,800 vph
Lift Angle
49 degrees
Power Reserve
~50 hours
Rotor Winding Direction
Hand-Windable? Yes
Shock Protection Incabloc
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central sweeping seconds; date at 3:00
Hacking Seconds? No
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Models
Omega Seamaster 166.010, 166.009, 168.002 (Add your watch to the comments below…)

The Omega caliber 562 is a 24 jewels Swiss made automatic movement that was found in various models from the late 1950s to 1960s. This vintage calibre is in Omega’s signature copper tone color (not gold) and features a swan neck style regulator system.

Setting the Calendar:

The 562 does not have a modern quickset style date, it has what is referred to as a semi-quickset date. This means you can move faster through the calendar setting by turning the hands past 12 (24:00) then back to 8 (20:00), then again past 12, back to 8 – until you reach the desired date.

1 inside the Omega logo:

Perhaps not as common on the Omega 562, you may see some examples of this movement (and similar calibers 560, 561, 564 and 751) with a number one in the center of the Omega logo. It is not a factory origin mark, date of production indicator, customs mark, or a symbol to represent calendar upgrades… the 1 (or 2) simply means that the movement has a higher hand assembly, meaning that the hands are positioned higher up to accommodate taller dials (such as the pie pan style dials). This information is especially useful when searching for replacement parts for your timepiece. In-depth information regarding this can be found here (direct pdf link here).

Replacement Prices:

The Omega cal. 562 has long been discontinued, therefore no replacement value is available. If you are in need of parts for a service, sometimes you can find NOS parts on eBay. You may also be able to find broken watches with the 562 for parts or repair.

Chronometer and Constellations?

One of the big debates in the Constellation community is whether or not there are any Connies with the caliber 562 inside. Some say yes, some say no. The 562 is the non-chronometer version of the 561 which is found in many Constellation watches with Chronometer across the dial. Chronometer rated movements will also have extra text on the bridge: “Adjusted to Five (5) Positions and Temperature” – with the jewel count positioned lower on the bridge than its non-certified counterpart. Confusions and skepticism is created largely due to the fact that many of the parts between 561 and 562 timepieces are interchangeable. For this reason, watch have found their way into the market with mismatched dials and movements. You may find a Chronometer dial, with a non-adjusted movement, or simply a replaced 562 bridge. Therefore, it is advisable to be cautious of cal. 562 Constellations.

Editor’s Comment: With the above advisory offered, always remember that while we all put our trust in our beliefs of how these watch companies operate (Omega, Rolex, etc.) nothing is set in stone! They do not disclose such things as absolute in written documentation, so before you publicly call out a watch for being fake or frankenwatch, it may be better to quietly walk away. After all, no matter how much we enthusiasts think we know about a brand, model or movement, we never really know what goes on behind the doors of the watch factories, and whether or not they produced a few chronometer rated 562 or 562 Connies for example. It is exciting to know a lot about a topic and want to share (and possible help someone else), but it is not good when the community suffers accusatory finger-pointing based on best guesses and opinions.

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Frank KAM
Frank KAM
5 months ago

Please can anyone tell me whether this Omega caliber has got Uni-directional or Bi-directional auto winding mechanism??? Thanks a lot in advance!!!!!

5 months ago
Reply to  Frank KAM

Hi, the rotor winding direction on this caliber is bidirectional.

Frank KAM
Frank KAM
5 months ago

Thank you so much for your prompt assistance. I bought an Omega Constellation all steel Pie-Pan Dog-Leg second hand, but was told by a second-hand dealer that automatic Omega watches from that era lack in power reserve, and I can confirm that mine does appear the same because I had to try many different ways to enhance its performance by swiveling in both directions, horizontally,diagonally and up-and-down you name it, to keep it going from stopping: mere daily natural hand movements would not suffice. Furthermore, the 10-sided crown on this damn-thing is just so hard to wind so I had… Read more »

John Smith
John Smith
4 months ago

More by luck than judgement I obtained a lovely 1962 gold cap seamaster cal 562 in perfect running order. This was my business watch for over 12 years before I sent it for service. Thankfully it was all 100% original inside the one piece case. Excellent movement still keeping to +- 2 secs per day. Photos taken during service confirm the quality.

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