ETA caliber 1260 mechanical watch movement

ETA Caliber 1260

ETA caliber 1260 mechanical watch movement

Caliber Number1260
Movement TypeMechanical, manual-wind
Vibrations Per Hour18,000 bph
Power Reserve53 hours
Lift Angle52
Hands1.50mm, 0.80mm, 0.21mm
Shock AbsorberIncabloc
Hacking?(Add to comments below)
FunctionsHours, minutes, small seconds
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland
Known Models
Vintage manual wind Plymouth, Pontiac (add more to comments below)

The ETA caliber 1260 was produced in the 1950’s and 1960’s in Switzerland.

The movement pictured above is from a Pontiac Nageur watch. This movement was also found in vintage Tudor watches. The caliber 1260 found in this and this Tudor watch was equipped with 15 jewels instead of 17J and without shock protection.

…The June 1952 parts list for the ETA 1260 shows it as plain balance jewels and no shock protect option so it’s not beyond possibility that this came out of the factory unprotected at that date! –Variomatic

You can identify this movement by the 1260 stamp under the balance wheel.

It’s interesting that the List of ETA Movements on Wikipedia (link) doesn’t include the 1260.

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Restoration: Pontiac Nageur - WahaWatches
5 years ago

[…] The blued hands are in a nice condition and still have the original lume. The movement is an ETA 1260 and it runs ok. Too bad the crown is worn and the plating on the case is faded and damaged, […]

Service: Pontiac Dress Watch with ETA 1260 Movement - WahaWatches
4 years ago

[…] has an ETA 1260 movement that I encountered in a Pontiac before. In a gold-plated Pontiac Nageur to be exact. Most […]

3 years ago

I currently own two of these; one the 17 jewel ETA1260 as pictured above the other in my Tudor a 15 jewel movement signed Tudor, the balance in this bares a striking similarity to the one found inside the Rolex caliber 700 and other rolex balances of the time, as my other 1260 is a 1952 watch my best guess would be that rolex bought part finished movements and installed and regulated thier own balance… Read more »

J. Gabriel Sánchez
J. Gabriel Sánchez
1 year ago

El Reloj Costa Rica de los 50s, edición especial, usa ese movimiento.

J. Gabriel Sánchez
J. Gabriel Sánchez
1 year ago

La imagen, por error, no corresponde a este comentario.
La correcta es esta.

J. Gabriel Sánchez
J. Gabriel Sánchez
1 year ago

Eta 1260, reloj Costa Rica.

J. Gabriel Sánchez
J. Gabriel Sánchez
1 year ago

Este movimiento es utilizado en Una rara versión del Reloj Costa Rica en los 50s.

J. Gabriel Sánchez
J. Gabriel Sánchez
1 year ago

Reloj Costa Rica de los 50s

J. Gabriel Sánchez
J. Gabriel Sánchez
1 year ago

Una joya de movimiento anti golpes en su época.

Venus Caliber 178
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